I Ran Into a TREE. Literally.

I went to the gym! It’s been too long since I’ve actually lifted a weight and it felt really good to get back at it.

I had unexpected errands to run before work yesterday that took the allotted time I had planned for a gym session but (miracle of all miracles) I got out of work 2 hours early so I ran over to the gym and did a quick kettlebell leg workout.



Gotta do what you gotta do, right?


Then I came home to this friggin cutie. His dog bed is literally 1 foot to the right of this. Spoiled little monster.


Then this afternoon, I went on quite the eventful run. I work nights so ‘my mornings’ are really midday and I didn’t start out till 3pm. It was already 85 degrees and I was feeling it. It was hot! I have marathon training alllll through the summer and then  I’m going to fly to NYC in November; I’m quite worried about the temp change. I don’t know how I’m going to combat the heat and still get in 20 mile runs. I guess I’m gonna have to make fast friends with the treadmill.

So I start out already sweaty and pass a homeless man who told me I had good form! Ha hey thanks man. He even noticed that I didn’t “toe out.” What can I say? I try!

So I keep going and look down at  weird thing with my shoulder and BAM. I literally ran FACE FIRST into a tree.

tree ruins

Guys, I ran INTO A TREE. Day 3 of NYCM training and I run into a tree… it’s gonna be a long summer.





I’m going to HAWAII! That means I don’t have to be healthy, right?! How to have a healthy vacation.

I leave for HAWAII TOMORROW!!!! 


I am beyond beyond beyond excited- mainly because I am finally going to swim with sharks. I may not come back…. not because I will have been eaten by the sharks, like my friends keep telling me.


I have absolutely no intention of “dieting” on this vacation. I’m going to eat and indulge and savor every and anything. It will be offset by a lot of activities, swimming and snorkeling of course, hiking Diamond head and Manoa Falls. I’ve packed running gear to run along the beach. (If I can!)

But this is an especially special vacation. It IS possible to have a healthy vacation.

  • If possible, pack your food.Since packing and flying with a week’s worth of food isn’t really feasible, I can/will prep snacks for the plane (plus, airport food = crazy prices!) You can also pack an empty water bottle and fill it up once you get through security.
  • Which also brings us right into, hydrate! It is so much easier to slack on water when you’re out on the town. Keep hydration a priority. Especially in a hot/tropical climate where you’ll be out in the sun all day. PSA for sunscreen here too.
  • I always want to try everything! But I don’t need to finish everything. If you can, share snacks and treats. I’m going to HI with family so we can share a lot.
  • Let yourself enjoy and indulge, but not in every meal. Grab some groceries for easy meals, especially breakfast and lunch. If you have a mini fridge/ microwave in your room– even better. I know I’ve used a cooler full of hotel ice in the past! But there are things you don’t need to heat or chill that are still viable healthy options. Fruit, protein bars, almonds, beef or turkey jerky, pretzels, pb sandwiches, applesauce. Get creative!
  • Don’t skip working out. Plan for active excursions. Get a hotel with a gym. Plan for moves you can go in your hotel room, even. Get them done first thing and then you can play all day with no guilt.

no equipment needed workout you can do anywhere:

10 lunges each leg

10 push ups

10 air squats

10 sit ups

10 jumping jacks

Repeat 4-5 times



Happy 4th of July: Eating food for America

Happy Independence Day!!

I hope everyone had a great day and got to celebrate by listening to Hamilton. Since I’m a 911 dispatcher and what’s a holiday even, I get to work a 12 hour shift! Today is 1 of the busiest days of the year for PD. Tied with New Years Eve.

I hate this game


I made sure to get in a good workout before I went to work because….


We had a HUGE potluck. Yes there are 2 kinds of chips on my plate. My contribution was watermelon. I tried to be a teensy bit healthy with that. ( I ate some before the picture. I also ate some raspberry bundt cake…)


Rep’ing the blue dress & taking a bathroom selfie. For America.

Half and Ragnar Training

Back in the gym today! I didn’t take any pictures of my face because I have a monster zit on my forehead that does not need to be documented! Here’s my usual chicken scratch on the whiteboard. Can you even read it?? It was a pretty good workout. Those chin ups had me sweating and swearing!


I’m still a bit in denial that my half is in 2 days! Pray for me…

On a related note:


My sister talked me into doing a Ragnar with her in April (it didn’t take much convincing!) and the legs were assigned today. My whole team is with her in CA and so she had to be my representative. I asked her how I made out  and I got the 2nd leg. Oh, on top of it being a Ragnar… we’re an ultra team. So instead of 12, only 6 of us are running almost 200 miles. I think I got a pretty good leg but it’s definitely going to start out more difficult and get easier.

5.5 miles moderate to start then 9.3 “very hard” miles. From there it’s all between 2.8-3.5 miles of easy runs. It’s definitely time to start training for this thing! No slacking this time!!



Big news and a funny (actually not…) story

I started off my day yesterday getting my certification in my nutrition course. What what!


Then I raced off to the gym before work. Deadlifts and bench presses today. The gym was FILLED with boys and there I was benching right next to them. #girlswholift!!!

Guys, I want glutes! 6 rounds (because that’s all I had time for…) 10 curtsy squats, 10 barbell rows, max double unders in 1 min and 1 min rest. I whipped my arms with the speed rope. OUCH!


After the gym, I gave myself an hour to drive to my work building, shower, change and get cute for the day. It felt like plenty of time.  That is until my usual 10 minute commute to work turned into 35!! I had just enough time to park my car, change my clothes, stuff my lunch in the fridge and sit my sweaty behind down at my desk. Sweat-drenched hair and no make up. Super cute, Lindsay.