Happy Half Birthday To Me!!

Today is my half birthday! I am 30 1/2 years old. Geez, it feels like I just turned 30! So far it has been quite the year!

I was able to start off this year going on my DREAM vacation to Italy! I still kind of can’t believe I did that haha.



Then in November, I ran the New York FREAKING marathon! I barely barely barely finished but I DID! I had an absolutely wonderful vacation visiting with my east coast family members and doing ALL the touristy things you do in NYC. I love love love that city.

Plus I got to finally go see a play on BROADWAY. Dear Evan Hanson and it was amazing! I cried the entire time! 🙂

nyc 1

nyc2nyc 4nyc 5nyc-6.jpg


I can’t forget to throw in THIS GUY. I met him late last summer and oooh boy he is a keeper! (He hates having his picture taken so I sneak them lol!!!) He has been the most supportive, sweet man in the world and I feel like the luckiest gal ever that I found him. I know you never really know what’ll happen in the future but so far I’m so excited to go into my second half of this year with him by my side.


AND with this little monster sleeping on me. Doesn’t this little guy just melt your heart?

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NYCM is 7 Months Away!

Related image

Whoa that month went by quick! I knew when I got into the marathon that even though I had 8 months till the big day, time was going to fly by and I had no time to slack off.

But then I kind of slacked off… It’s been an interesting month full of ups and downs and I learned a lot about health and life.

In terms of vacation plans, I already spoke to my aunt and I’m all set to stay with them for the weekend. I have a hotel in the city for just a couple nights. I have my plane ticket and my ticket for an actual BROADWAY SHOW! Guys, I’m beyond excited! I picked Dear Evan Hansen (I tried to justify spending the $$ for Hamilton but… nope I couldn’t go it.)

Image result for dear evan hansen

I have all my workouts planned, now it’s just a matter of following through with them. And getting my eating back on track. I’ve been on vacation and even thought I stayed in town, I’ve had plenty of dinners out and really enjoying my time off. I always forget to take pictures but I did have a truly amazing dinner at Nobou at Teeter House in downtown Phoenix that was so indulgent and so worth it. But I did try and balance out my vacation with some outdoor activities and exercise.


But I’m back in the swing of things at work and back at the comfort of a routine.

I have lots of goals! I’ve been running but it’s been a lot of easy runs and junk miles. I haven’t been pushing myself nearly enough and time if ticking away!

> I definitely want to work on my speed and get faster overall

> I want to get back into weights and strength training x2 a week

> I want to cross train x1 a week. Mostly yoga but cycling at least x1 a month

> I want to drop about 15 lbs before the marathon

7 months to go!!! I’m so so so excited for this race and I want to do it proud! 

Feeding my Feelings NEVER Makes Me Feel Better. You’d Think I’d Learn!

Well… I definitely did not do well this week. It was rough! And to be honest, I just gave up.

Saturday night, I went on another bad date. I came home starving and upset so I went out and got take out that I knew 100% was feeding my feelings and wasn’t going to help me feel better in the long run but I also 100% did not care.

We all eat lies when our hearts are hungry..:

I also eat  LOTS of fries…

Sunday, my dad and brother picked me up and we headed out for California for my grandfather’s funeral. I planned all these options for fast food but I didn’t think about breakfast! And that’s the first place we headed after they got me. I was half asleep and my defenses were shot so I got some breakfast. The rest of the weekend was just eating whatever and whenever. Plus all the funeral potatoes after the service.



It was definitely hard to say goodbye to my grandfather. He was a really special guy.


I mean, look at this stud. He only had 1 arm but never let that stop him and did everything he wanted. He danced, played tennis, played the piano, hiked, flew planes and crashed a couple times! He was brilliant and became an electric engineer and worked on the Apollo Space program! One of a kind. I was super proud of him and so thankful to have him as my gramps!!


I was sure happy to get back to my pups!! This little guy makes every day better.

After my hard weekend of boy trouble, trying not to let boy trouble overshadow grandpa grief, dealing with grandpa grief, and then Valentines day to remind me of boy trouble, I did NOT take care of my body or fuel it the way I should’ve and let me tell you, I am feeling the aftermath! I did weigh in and it was a scary number. Back to normal life today and back on the wagon. That’s all I can do!

Looking Back on 2016

I have a terrible memory so honestly, whatever happened earlier than say July is basically a blur. So end of the year recaps are hard for me but I did want to take a minute and reflect. I got to do some pretty cool stuff!


For starters in Feb, I got to go through the LDS temple. A truly special day. Even if you’re not of this religion, if you have the chance to walk through a temple open house- DO it. The buildings are always so beautiful.

I went on my nephew’s birthday. The poor dude and his little brother were in the hospital so so sick. Luckily they all came out just fine but that was certainly memorable. 😦



In April, I ran a ULTRA Ragnar with the best team there ever was. Team 9 Run Run!! Honestly, I could talk about that weekend for hours but it did result in one of my fav pictures of me:


Taken after my 9 mile leg! (1 leg of 6!)


Then about 1 week later, I ran the Dirty Girl with these awesome ladies.



In the spring-ish, I went on the best date of my life (it lasted 12 hours!) with that handsome fella and later he took me to Flagstaff. I just loved it there; I thought it was so pretty. I may not have ended up with that guy but we’re still close and he’s saved my bum way too often. I owe him a whole lot!


(Sorry for the blurriness!) Right after Flag, I got to go with a gal pal to see O-Town!! HA. I’m friends with Dan Miller’s brother so we all went to see him preform in Phx. My 13 year old self was beyond excited.


In June I ran the Fontana Half and wanted to die.



Oh July… I turned the big 29! And got to go to Hawaii. I am thankful for the opportunity I had to go, however… HI was a big ol’ bust. Lots of good and lots of bad memories tied to this trip. I think I’ll stick to California.


Like Long Beach. I forgot my pants but I still ran the Long Beach Half marathon!


Last month, I totalled my car. BIG Frowny face on that life event. It took me outta the running game for a few weeks and cost a LOT of money. But, honestly, it could’ve been so so much worse and just I’m glad I’m alive to see 2017.


In the summer, my parents moved to the valley so I’ve been able to spend more time with them and celebrate holidays with them. I just had to include this picture from Christmas day because how cute are my niece and nephews!!


Which brings us to today. Another New Years Eve at work. I’m thankful for my job. and my coworkers for whipping up a nacho bar potluck. Time to go pig out on my last cheat meal on 2016 🙂


Happy New Years Everyone!!! 


Running on Vacation- in the sand and bad weather: I kind of hate Hawaii!

So I got back from Hawaii a couple days ago. I thought leaving Oahu would be so hard to do but honestly, I was more than ready to be home. Hawaii was a bust! It even seems so strange typing that sentence! But I had a lousy lousy lousy time. Such a waste… (Maybe I’ll talk more about the trip soon but I’m going to skip right on over most of the week. )

I was able to get out and run twice on this trip. Our hotel was right along the Ala Wei Canal so I ran that Saturday and then down the shore of Waikiki on Monday morning.






Notice how grey/dark/cloudy the sky is in both pictures? Yeah it wasn’t great.


I started off my Saturday run FAST (because I was PISSED. But then the sadness just took over and ended up walking pretty much the last mile.) Monday was in the sand along the beach which as an Arizonan, I’m definitely not used to and it was hard! Fun though and I just thought of it like a training run. Slow moving though.

On Monday especially- when I was more focused on my run rather than just needing to burn energy and get out of that hotel room- I got really bummed about my pace. Clearly, there is  a lot of room for improvement and faster mile times.

That’s something I’m really going to focus on during this marathon training cycle. But at the same time, I’m not going to beat myself up! I was a) not used to eating my ‘normal’ food. I was eating vacation food. Fueling my body in a completely abnormal way. For sure not drinking enough water. I tried but it was NOT an easy task… b) My sleeping schedule was thrown off (I’m still a night shifter!) sleeping in a strange bed (1/2 the week was on a couch) with 2 other snorers in the room. c) in a different climate. I don’t know why I never once thought about how humid Hawaii would be. It was humid!!! I was actually quite grateful it started raining during my Saturday AM run. Rain > humidity.

I got out. That’s all I can say. I ran twice for a total of 5 miles. Not breaking any records but it’s better than nothing.






I’m going to HAWAII! That means I don’t have to be healthy, right?! How to have a healthy vacation.

I leave for HAWAII TOMORROW!!!! 


I am beyond beyond beyond excited- mainly because I am finally going to swim with sharks. I may not come back…. not because I will have been eaten by the sharks, like my friends keep telling me.


I have absolutely no intention of “dieting” on this vacation. I’m going to eat and indulge and savor every and anything. It will be offset by a lot of activities, swimming and snorkeling of course, hiking Diamond head and Manoa Falls. I’ve packed running gear to run along the beach. (If I can!)

But this is an especially special vacation. It IS possible to have a healthy vacation.

  • If possible, pack your food.Since packing and flying with a week’s worth of food isn’t really feasible, I can/will prep snacks for the plane (plus, airport food = crazy prices!) You can also pack an empty water bottle and fill it up once you get through security.
  • Which also brings us right into, hydrate! It is so much easier to slack on water when you’re out on the town. Keep hydration a priority. Especially in a hot/tropical climate where you’ll be out in the sun all day. PSA for sunscreen here too.
  • I always want to try everything! But I don’t need to finish everything. If you can, share snacks and treats. I’m going to HI with family so we can share a lot.
  • Let yourself enjoy and indulge, but not in every meal. Grab some groceries for easy meals, especially breakfast and lunch. If you have a mini fridge/ microwave in your room– even better. I know I’ve used a cooler full of hotel ice in the past! But there are things you don’t need to heat or chill that are still viable healthy options. Fruit, protein bars, almonds, beef or turkey jerky, pretzels, pb sandwiches, applesauce. Get creative!
  • Don’t skip working out. Plan for active excursions. Get a hotel with a gym. Plan for moves you can go in your hotel room, even. Get them done first thing and then you can play all day with no guilt.

no equipment needed workout you can do anywhere:

10 lunges each leg

10 push ups

10 air squats

10 sit ups

10 jumping jacks

Repeat 4-5 times