Half and Ragnar Training

Back in the gym today! I didn’t take any pictures of my face because I have a monster zit on my forehead that does not need to be documented! Here’s my usual chicken scratch on the whiteboard. Can you even read it?? It was a pretty good workout. Those chin ups had me sweating and swearing!


I’m still a bit in denial that my half is in 2 days! Pray for me…

On a related note:


My sister talked me into doing a Ragnar with her in April (it didn’t take much convincing!) and the legs were assigned today. My whole team is with her in CA and so she had to be my representative. I asked her how I made out ¬†and I got the 2nd leg. Oh, on top of it being a Ragnar… we’re an ultra team. So instead of 12, only 6 of us are running almost 200 miles. I think I got a pretty good leg but it’s definitely going to start out more difficult and get easier.

5.5 miles moderate to start then 9.3 “very hard” miles. From there it’s all between 2.8-3.5 miles of easy runs. It’s definitely time to start training for this thing! No slacking this time!!