Make A Plan to Eat Healthy Even When You Can’t Plan Everything

Sometimes, life is beyond your control. This week, I planned to go out to dinner with friends on Monday and ended up going out to eat 2 other times! I still lost weight so I’m stoked about that.


And this week, I suddenly have to go out of town for a family emergency. There’s obviously a lot going through my mind, and “what am I going to eat?” is one of them. I feel selfish for even thinking of myself & food at a time like this. Weight loss itself, right now, is such a low priority but I also don’t want it to take up space in my mind when I should be focusing on other things. If that makes sense. I already went through the pantry and grabbed things that I can pack in my suitcase. (Things like protein bars and almonds. Plus I’ll run and grab fruit and veggies, like baby carrots and grape tomatoes that are easily portable. And I’ll boil some eggs to take on the go.)

But I’m sure there is going to be fast food stops in the future. Which causes me a little anxiety…

I’ve decided to just make a list now, with a clear head and full stomach of some viable options for me when the times comes that I need to stop at a drive thru.



Time is a choice. You have time for what you make a priority.

I love this! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say they don’t have time to work out. I don’t mean this to be mean at all, but that is just an excuse. It’s not that they don’t have the time, it’st that they don’t make the time. I work 50 hours on a good day. I get to the gym. My sister is a full-time mom of a 4 year old. She runs more than I do. My coworker, works full time and has 3 teens and she works out hard at her gym. Where does your health fall on the priority list? Sometimes it is not at the top and that’s okay. Sometimes sleep, or being with family or sanity takes precedence! I get that 100%. But you have time for what you want to do, on the whole.

Try changing your language. Don’t say I don’t have time to workout; but instead working out is not a priority. And see if that “sits well” with you. If not, change your actions and see how that makes you feel.



What I Pack in my Lunch Box

Guys, I’m not a food photographer!

But I wanted to give you guys a peak into what I eat for lunch. Lunch can be hard, sometimes. It has to be something I can prep and pack for work and I often get stuck in a rut. Sandwiches anyone?? Plus at my job, I eat at my desk a lot. (you’ll notice!) So here’s what I’ve packed for myself this week.

The top picture is one of my favorite salads. It’s just plain lettuce, carrot matchsticks, cucumber, green onion, peas and tuna (I used the Ranch Starkist packet) and dressing is Olive Garden Light. (I used to add shredded cheddar but I’m trying to eat less dairy now.) I don’t think this salad sounds very exciting but I really do like it!

On the left is my half eaten lunch before I thought to snap a pic. Very orange. I grabbed the leftover sweet potatoes from my fam’s Christmas dinner (thanks mom!) and dumped some bbq chicken from the crockpot on top with a side of carrots.

Middle: the other half of the sweet potato (each was about 3-4 oz) topped with ground turkey cooked with taco seasoning, salsa and avocado.

And right was meal prepped a couple weeks ago, I just pulled out of the freezer and let it defrost in the work fridge. Salmon with a homemade teriyaki ginger marinade, jasmine rice and roasted green beans.

There you go! Meal prep helps a ton  or else I go with really simple meals I can literally throw together in a bowl. haha.


What are your favorite brown bag lunches??