What I’m Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving! Anyone doing a Turkey Trot today?


I’m all set to run a 10K at 9:00. I wish it was a little earlier in the morning but I’m sure I am the only one. So 9 it is. Wish me luck. I just want to do it in under an hour! (After working all night… I’ve been up since 1 pm yesterday!)



One of my favorite family traditions is to write out our “Thankfuls.” For as many thanksgivings as I can remember, my whole extended family would write out what we were thankful for on little slips of paper and put them in a hat. After dinner, we’d go around and one by one pull out a slip of paper, read it aloud and we’d all guess who wrote it. It’s super fun!

This year, instead of a little slip of paper, I’m writing here what I am thankful for. (I’m pretty sure my family would have no trouble guessing these were mine.)

  1. I am thankful for my body

flex 2

I worked hard for this body. It’s not perfect. I’ve got loose skin and stretch marks and cellulite. (The hat trick!) But I have muscles. And all my “parts” work. And my legs can carry me many, many miles.

So true:

2) I’m thankful for running

I honestly do love to run. I run when I’m excited. I run when I’m sad. I run when I’m mad. I run when I need to clear my head. I run when I have a new awesome song I want to listen to on repeat…

run smile



Both of these pictures are terrible. But you can tell I’m smiling in them! Loving being out there.

Running is like an old, best friend. It’s always there. It listens. It’s so happy to see you.

I am SO thankful for 2011 Lindsay- for getting over her fears and actually signing up for (and finishing!) a marathon.

I am SO thankful for 2013 Lindsay- for getting up the nerves to walk over to the training department at work and meeting Al who would be (whether he likes to admit it or not 😉 ) the catalyst for her to lose 50 pounds.

What are you thankful for this year?