When You Are Supposed to be Marathon Training but Just Want to Marathon Watch Netflix

TextThe other day I was chatting with a friend about Seinfeld- it’s a great show and he asked me what episode he should watch that night. I spouted off a bunch of favorites but then I remembered exactly what episode he needed to see. The one about the NYC Marathon! Ha it’s hilarious.

Half Marathon today. Netflix marathon tomorrow.

Who is going to hold this sign out for me come November? So how about we “marathon” shows about the marathon! Here are some funny episodes to get into the running spirit!


So of course #1 is Seinfeld S7E5 – The Hot Tub

Image result for seinfeld the hot tub jean paul gif

Elaine host’s a runner who last time slept through his alarm and missed the marathon. So this year she and Jerry go to every precaution to get him to wake up in time! (UH this is my nightmare!)

Image result for seinfeld aids walk

special mention S7E9- The Sponge. It’s an iconic episode!  Kramer signs up to participate in a charity Aids walk and Jerry doesn’t think he’s going to make it.


#2 How I Met Your Mother S2E15 – Lucky Penny

Related image

Barney bets the gang that he can run the marathon with no prior training.


#3 Sex and The City S4E6- Baby Talk is Cheap


Miranda joins a running group while training for the NYCM and meets a cute (if gross) guy

special mention S4E7- Time and Punishment: Miranda is so sore from the marathon she cranks her neck and ends up lying naked on the bathroom floor


#4 Friends S6E7 – The One Where Phoebe Runs

Image result for the one where phoebe runs

Phoebe starts running with Rachel through Central Park and she is embarrassing


#5 Parks & Rec S5E2 – Soda Tax

Related image

Andy is training for the Police PT test and has to run 2 miles under 25 mins


#6 Veep S2E9- Running

Image result for veep running

V.P Selina, high on painkillers, runs a 10K with her staff

#7 The Office S4E1- Fun Run

Image result for the office michael carb loading gif

Michael hosts a fun run for rabies after he hits Meredith with his car. So he has to carbo load fettuccine Alfredo immediately before running the 3 miles


Or you know, you could watch a documentary with actual knowledge about the sport. But these shows are funny!


How I Started Running

Have I ever shared this story before? Every now and then people will ask me how I got into marathon running. I wasn’t a very athletic child. In fact in my teens & early 20’s I was overweight. But one day I started thinking about everything I wanted to do before I died and the idea of running a marathon came into my head. I don’t think I had even ran  over 1 mile at that point. But I thought, “how cool would it be able to say you finished a marathon.” So I wrote it down.

I lived in Saint George, UT and the marathon is pretty big there. I talked myself out of signing up that year but when I went to the finish line as a spectator, I had an overwhelming desire to be on the other side of that barricade. I wanted to be running in it- not just watching! So the very next year, I signed up!


I could not run a mile non stop at that point. I started out by going to the college track and running 3 legs and walking 1 of them. I did that over and over until I could run a whole lap. Then I work up to say 3 laps running/ 1 lap walking. Then run 4 whole laps- 1 mile.

I must’ve run a million laps of that darn track. But I trained and got in the miles and would be out on the trail for 4 hours if that’s how long it took to go 18 miles. And on October 1st, 2011 I finished my first marathon. I still maintain it was one of the BEST days of my life!! I’m not the fastest or strongest or skinniest or whateverest but I’m damn proud that I did that race. And every race since.



Looking Back on 2016

I have a terrible memory so honestly, whatever happened earlier than say July is basically a blur. So end of the year recaps are hard for me but I did want to take a minute and reflect. I got to do some pretty cool stuff!


For starters in Feb, I got to go through the LDS temple. A truly special day. Even if you’re not of this religion, if you have the chance to walk through a temple open house- DO it. The buildings are always so beautiful.

I went on my nephew’s birthday. The poor dude and his little brother were in the hospital so so sick. Luckily they all came out just fine but that was certainly memorable. 😦



In April, I ran a ULTRA Ragnar with the best team there ever was. Team 9 Run Run!! Honestly, I could talk about that weekend for hours but it did result in one of my fav pictures of me:


Taken after my 9 mile leg! (1 leg of 6!)


Then about 1 week later, I ran the Dirty Girl with these awesome ladies.



In the spring-ish, I went on the best date of my life (it lasted 12 hours!) with that handsome fella and later he took me to Flagstaff. I just loved it there; I thought it was so pretty. I may not have ended up with that guy but we’re still close and he’s saved my bum way too often. I owe him a whole lot!


(Sorry for the blurriness!) Right after Flag, I got to go with a gal pal to see O-Town!! HA. I’m friends with Dan Miller’s brother so we all went to see him preform in Phx. My 13 year old self was beyond excited.


In June I ran the Fontana Half and wanted to die.



Oh July… I turned the big 29! And got to go to Hawaii. I am thankful for the opportunity I had to go, however… HI was a big ol’ bust. Lots of good and lots of bad memories tied to this trip. I think I’ll stick to California.


Like Long Beach. I forgot my pants but I still ran the Long Beach Half marathon!


Last month, I totalled my car. BIG Frowny face on that life event. It took me outta the running game for a few weeks and cost a LOT of money. But, honestly, it could’ve been so so much worse and just I’m glad I’m alive to see 2017.


In the summer, my parents moved to the valley so I’ve been able to spend more time with them and celebrate holidays with them. I just had to include this picture from Christmas day because how cute are my niece and nephews!!


Which brings us to today. Another New Years Eve at work. I’m thankful for my job. and my coworkers for whipping up a nacho bar potluck. Time to go pig out on my last cheat meal on 2016 🙂


Happy New Years Everyone!!! 


It’s race week! Prepping, tapering, eating carbs!

Racing season is HERE!! I’m getting so excited. My sister ran the St. George Marathon and totally rocked it!! I’m beyond proud of her.

Then gymBFF AL ran the swat test on Monday. I’ve been side by side with him in the gym these past several weeks, seeing him push himself and RUN (he hates running…) and train for this test. It’s an intense physical test for sure! I was pretty nervous for him. I sent him this little picture/meme/thing Monday when I was out for my LAST long run before the half.



He did so well! I’m SO happy for him. He “passed” but they haven’t told him the official results and there’s even another step after that so he’s not in the clear but he’s in a good spot and very happy.


We have an inside joke about marshmallows so when I heard about a place here in the valley called Fluff It that sold fancy/gourmet mallows I knew I just HAD to get him some. It was a tough choice but I settled on churro flavor. YUM! He’s not one to like being spoiled or given presents but he laughed pretty hard when I gave him these. He dug right in and of course shared one with me and they were everything I wanted them to be.  (( I bought a fruity pebbles box to indulge in after the race!))


So rewind to my run Monday morning. Last longish run- 6 miles- before the Long Beach Half Marathon. Tapering down to rest by body for the big day. I posted this on IG but I run right past a Bosa Donuts shop. It smelled incredible!! But I was a good girl and kept running.


This morning bright and early for this graveyarder, I finally was able to go to the chiropractor. I’ve been having some neck pain lately and really did not want to have that issue on Sunday so she squeezed me in. She said I was a bit out of alignment and put me back together again. Hopefully that fixes the issue!


I make weird faces! Between the chiro and work, I ran over to the gym for my last leg day! Gotta give these gams time to rest up and recover. I forgot my converse and don’t like squatting or deadlifting in my running shoes because of the padding so I did it all in my socks. legz

The rest of the week will focus on upper body work but I also have to go pretty light to make sure my neck is okay. I just really am protective of my body this week! I don’t want to risk any injury! Plus my eating is going to be on point. Nothing that will upset my stomach. No new foods. Just what is going to fuel my body right. That also means I get to step up my carb intake a little bit 🙂 plus drinking water water water!!


St. George Marathon 2015 Recap

Where do I even begin?

Saturday morning, after months and months of training, it was finally marathon day! I woke up at 3:30 am and got ready, ate breakfast of pb toast and a banana and then headed off to the buses. I’ve decided that I don’t like races that involve taking buses to the start line! I loaded the bus around 4:45 but the race didn’t start till 6:45! There’s a LOT of waiting around at the start in Central, UT, which by the way, was freezing. It always kind of reminds me of an urban/ transient camp.


FINALLY, it was time to start. I started off strong. The course is down in elevation but there are quite a few hills, including the Veyo hill which is a butt buster! I walked up about 1.5 miles of that hill (yes, it’s MILES long.)


I picked up the pace and ran till mile 13. Then everything went downhill. My stomach started killing me! I was so nauseated, I thought I was going to puke. The thought of eating any of the gu or shot blocks I brought only made it worse, so I didn’t take anything after about mile 10.

view 4

I essentially walked the entire last half of the marathon. My feet hurt, my hips hurt, my stomach was churning churning churning. I would watch the vans driving by and honestly think about getting into them and quitting the race. I was in pain! But I did not quit. I just kept on walking.


I made it to mile 25 and was able to start running again. I couldn’t run the entire last 1.2 miles but I was able to run across the finish line!

run finsih

I only finished 6 minutes earlier than my last marathon. I know my training wasn’t as great as it could have been. I went easy on myself during my training runs, ate way more junk than I should have and let personal things get in the way. But I didn’t give up! And I didn’t throw up on the course so there’s that.


The aftermath:

LOTS of blisters:

feet blisters

A bad sunburn:


And now I get a couple weeks rest! Next on the books: Halloween 5K

Next marathon? Not for a while (if ever!) but 1/2 marathon scheduled at the end of February. Halfs are my fav distance. It’s decided!

Tomorrow is the big day!!

I cannot believe I am running a marathon tomorrow!!


I am beyond nervous but beyond excited! I have to trust that I’ve trained hard enough, worked hard enough to finish this and do well. I haven’t ran a full marathon since 2011,  over 40 pounds (and like 1,000 miles) ago.


I’ve worked really hard in these past few years and I am proud of how far I’ve come. Literally and figuratively.

Today’s plan is hitting up the expo and then an early carb loaded dinner (whole wheat pasta, spaghetti sauce with added sautéed mushrooms and zucchini in the sauce) and then early to bed. The marathon starts at 6:00 am and the buses start loading at 4:30! I hope I’ll be able to sleep tonight!!

I will tell you all how it goes. Wish me luck!!!