Looking Back on 2016

I have a terrible memory so honestly, whatever happened earlier than say July is basically a blur. So end of the year recaps are hard for me but I did want to take a minute and reflect. I got to do some pretty cool stuff!


For starters in Feb, I got to go through the LDS temple. A truly special day. Even if you’re not of this religion, if you have the chance to walk through a temple open house- DO it. The buildings are always so beautiful.

I went on my nephew’s birthday. The poor dude and his little brother were in the hospital so so sick. Luckily they all came out just fine but that was certainly memorable. šŸ˜¦



In April, I ran a ULTRA Ragnar with theĀ bestĀ team there ever was. Team 9 Run Run!! Honestly, I could talk about that weekend for hours but it did result in one of my fav pictures of me:


Taken after my 9 mile leg! (1 leg of 6!)


Then about 1 week later, I ran the Dirty Girl with these awesome ladies.



In the spring-ish, I went on the best date of my life (it lasted 12 hours!) with that handsome fella and later he took me to Flagstaff. I just loved it there; I thought it was so pretty. I may not have ended up with that guy but we’re still close and he’s saved my bum way too often. I owe him a whole lot!


(Sorry for the blurriness!) Right after Flag, I got to go with a gal pal to see O-Town!! HA. I’m friends with Dan Miller’s brother so we all went to see him preform in Phx. My 13 year old self was beyond excited.


In June I ran the Fontana Half and wanted to die.



Oh July… I turned the big 29! And got to go to Hawaii. I am thankful for the opportunity I had to go, however… HI was a big ol’ bust. Lots of good and lots of bad memories tied to this trip. I think I’ll stick to California.


Like Long Beach. I forgot my pants but I still ran the Long Beach Half marathon!


Last month, I totalled my car. BIG Frowny face on that life event. It took me outta the running game for a few weeks and cost a LOT of money. But, honestly, it could’ve been so so much worse and just I’m glad I’m alive to see 2017.


In the summer, my parents moved to the valley so I’ve been able to spend more time with them and celebrate holidays with them. I just had to include this picture from Christmas day because how cute are my niece and nephews!!


Which brings us to today. Another New Years Eve at work. I’m thankful for my job. and my coworkers for whipping up a nacho bar potluck. Time to go pig out on my last cheat meal on 2016 šŸ™‚


Happy New Years Everyone!!!Ā 


CRASH! I’m outta the running game for a couple weeks

Well, running is going to be put on pause for a while.


Last weekend, I got into a pretty gnarly car accident. It was a scary night (rear end on the freeway, airbags deployed…) but it could have been MUCH worse and I’m lucky I was able to walk (or limp…) away from it. It has been quite theĀ hassleĀ dealing with all the aftermath that needs to get done but I’ve been beyond blessed to have an amazing support system of family and friends who took care of me this past week, everything from bringing my ibuprofen, to driving me around, to loaning me another vehicle! It’s been quite the week…

SO swollen!Ā 

I did get banged up a little in the accident. The worst (and it could have been much much worse, I’m very cognizant of this) is a sprained ankle. I got whiplash, lots of bruises and chest pain from the airbags. I didn’t get burned which I know is pretty common from airbag explosions so again, I’m lucky there!


I told the firefighters when they arrived on scene, that I had a 10K next weekend. They laughed at me and said basically there is no way I’ll be running that! I was still hopeful! I’m bummed that I’ll miss it but I’d rather not rush the healing process and make it all worse.

Maybe I’ll be better by Thanksgiving in time for the Turkey Trot??