Another 5K in the books: 5K for Heroes Recap

On Wednesday, Admin at my work sent out an email asking if anyone wanted to participate in the 5K for Heroes that was that very Saturday. I think I was the only was that said, “I’m in!” So this is the first of 3 races (all small, 10K and under) of April and then another short one in the beginning of May.

It’s been pretty helpful using these as tempo runs. A major goal this training cycle is to get faster!

Plus the 5K for Heroes is a cause I can definitely get behind!

5k for heroes

Do you guys pick races for the charity they’re supporting?? I do sometimes but mainly I’m just looking for what works for my schedule!


So after work on Friday night/Saturday morning, I drove on over to Papago park for a quick race. It was a pretty small crowd, which I never mind but when it’s small like this the course is never blocked off so we we’re running on the sidewalk for a bit and then through the park with a lot of other park-goers and cyclists and it got pretty crowded. I almost ran straight into this 2 year old who was on the left side of the sidewalk and right then his mother (who was oblivious!) decided it would be fun to “race” her kid who immediately ran to her cutting across to the right side of the sidewalk just as I was coming up behind. Pay attention to your surroundings, people.

But it has been fun getting out to new paths and seeing new places to train. Like this race was uphill for the first 1/4 mile or more so I definitely logged that course in my brain to come back again and train for all those bridges in the NYCM!


Either way, it was a good race. It was a nice cool day, not too hot yet. Gotta get in as many races as I can in AZ while it’s still still bearable outside. I felt pretty good and didn’t have any stomach issues which is always plus. I went paddle boarding on Tuesday and ran hills on Wednesday and really taxed out my knees. I RICE’d as much as I could in the past few days and my legs felt fine for these 3 miles. I’m petrified of getting injured and really screwing up my training for New York! I’m going to be extra vigilant!!


In the end, I was :46 seconds over my goal of finishing under 30 mins. Here’s how my splits shook out. Still no Speedy Gonzalez over here but I’m counting this as a negative split!


I Ran Into a TREE. Literally.

I went to the gym! It’s been too long since I’ve actually lifted a weight and it felt really good to get back at it.

I had unexpected errands to run before work yesterday that took the allotted time I had planned for a gym session but (miracle of all miracles) I got out of work 2 hours early so I ran over to the gym and did a quick kettlebell leg workout.



Gotta do what you gotta do, right?


Then I came home to this friggin cutie. His dog bed is literally 1 foot to the right of this. Spoiled little monster.


Then this afternoon, I went on quite the eventful run. I work nights so ‘my mornings’ are really midday and I didn’t start out till 3pm. It was already 85 degrees and I was feeling it. It was hot! I have marathon training alllll through the summer and then  I’m going to fly to NYC in November; I’m quite worried about the temp change. I don’t know how I’m going to combat the heat and still get in 20 mile runs. I guess I’m gonna have to make fast friends with the treadmill.

So I start out already sweaty and pass a homeless man who told me I had good form! Ha hey thanks man. He even noticed that I didn’t “toe out.” What can I say? I try!

So I keep going and look down at  weird thing with my shoulder and BAM. I literally ran FACE FIRST into a tree.

tree ruins

Guys, I ran INTO A TREE. Day 3 of NYCM training and I run into a tree… it’s gonna be a long summer.





12K of Christmas Recap: 2016 Edition a

Let’s start by reminding ourselves that the Phoenix Rock N Roll Half Marathon is about 1 month away! Yikes bikes…

I signed up ages ago to do the 12K of Christmas again this year but since the accident I’ve only ran once! I worked the night before and went back and forth over whether or not I wanted to actually run the darn thing. In the end, I decided to go but I dropped down to the 1/2 option- the 6K.


I can’t say I was particularly thrilled to be there… haha! This was my selfie pre-race. I was TIRED! And I wore leggings which was not a smart move- it was hot! I think it was about 60 degrees. Hotter than I think we were all prepared for. It’s December after all. I planned for cold. It wasn’t cold.


At the starting line! The race is for a really good cause- all for animal adoption and care and they let dogs run the race too. Plus there’s a costume contest so people were dressed as Santa, Elves, Gingerbread men. Along the course they had carolers and bands playing Christmas music.

I did run the entire 6K (which is just about 3.7 miles) and felt good. I maybe could have done the whole thing but I think it was best not to push it. Still earned my bling!


How am I gonna run this plus another 10 miles on top of this in 4 weeks?!? I just keep telling myself, I’ve ran 13 miles SO many times, obviously I CAN. But the accident really set me back. It may not be my P.R.

I also have a full marathon in February. These are NOT pieces of cake like I can pretend halfs are. I am seriously considering dropping down to the 1/2 but we will see how the Jan Rock n Roll half goes and go from there!


The Trifecta of Weight Gain

I am injured, stressed and heartbroken. The trifecta of weight gain…

This past week has been a rough one. I’m officially giving up on this idea of running the Turkey Trot this year. I thought my ankle was getting better and I think I pushed it too far yesterday, because today I am hobbling! Better to skip a 10K and heal completely than risk further damage. Now I’m just hoping I’ll be ready for the 12K of Christmas on 12/10!

braced and bruised!

I was able to see the chiropractor who, if you live in the Phoenix Valley, I adore her and definitely recommend. I got whiplash in the accident and she could feel the inflammation in my shoulders. I’ll have to go back 2-3 more times she thinks but she was so beyond helpful with insurance and everything. The ‘paperwork’ of all this post- accident stuff has been a hassle to say the least! Stress, stress, stress. But I’m making baby steps. I have had an amazing support system of family and friends that I cannot thank enough! So during this season of gratitude, I am ever thankful for them.

Then there’s the heartbreak. I know, again… This time was ugly and unexpected! Dating is so hard, you guys. So in between phone calls to insurance and icing my ankle, I’ve been checking my phone for texts that will never come and crying.

And then I eat.

I’ve been eating everything I shouldn’t! Falling into old (bad) habits. Grabbing fast food and take out because I really have been busy and want comfort food. Going too long between eating while I’m running around doing all these errands and then coming home and eating my way through my entire kitchen. Too tired to cook. Too sad to get up and be productive. Stressed out. Can’t stand for too long (let alone work out and at least burn off some of these calories!) And most of all, punishing myself with food.

And the holidays are here! It’s hard for everyone not to gain over the holidays. Temptations and treats are more than abundant.


I recognize what I am doing. I know that each one of these factors, injury/stress/sadness are battles I need to fight for the sake of my health but when it’s 3 against one, I have been waving the white flag more often than I should.


Now is the time to be strong. To stand up to myself. To stand up FOR myself. Eating isn’t going to solve my problem; eating unhealthy will create more problems. It’s not going to be easy. I’m not going to be perfect. But I cannot give up on myself.



CRASH! I’m outta the running game for a couple weeks

Well, running is going to be put on pause for a while.


Last weekend, I got into a pretty gnarly car accident. It was a scary night (rear end on the freeway, airbags deployed…) but it could have been MUCH worse and I’m lucky I was able to walk (or limp…) away from it. It has been quite the hassle dealing with all the aftermath that needs to get done but I’ve been beyond blessed to have an amazing support system of family and friends who took care of me this past week, everything from bringing my ibuprofen, to driving me around, to loaning me another vehicle! It’s been quite the week…

SO swollen! 

I did get banged up a little in the accident. The worst (and it could have been much much worse, I’m very cognizant of this) is a sprained ankle. I got whiplash, lots of bruises and chest pain from the airbags. I didn’t get burned which I know is pretty common from airbag explosions so again, I’m lucky there!


I told the firefighters when they arrived on scene, that I had a 10K next weekend. They laughed at me and said basically there is no way I’ll be running that! I was still hopeful! I’m bummed that I’ll miss it but I’d rather not rush the healing process and make it all worse.

Maybe I’ll be better by Thanksgiving in time for the Turkey Trot??