Monthy Check in: February

1 month into 2017! It’s been a good month and exciting things are coming my way this year. I didn’t really make a “new years resolution” but I did recommit to healthy eating and I’ve been tracking pretty well this month and am proud of that. I’m not 100% but I’m really only aiming for 80% and I think I hit that goal on the head so I’m doing okay.

I don’t think it’s a secret to anyone that in the past year since hitting my “goal weight” I’ve been creeping back up the scale and falling back into old habits. Weight loss and healthy eating is an on going journey and never a straight descending line on a chart so I’ve given myself a break a little bit but that doesn’t mean I want to get anywhere close to where I started!! So I’m back on the wagon.


On Jan 5th I weighed in for my new starting weight and clocked in at 159.8. Still lower than what I weighed in high school but a whole 20 pounds heavier than my lowest! I always kept 145 as the “goal” so still 14 lbs up from that! (I’m pretty much sticking to that 145 goal again but keeping in mind that I am and my body is more than just a number and plenty of things affect the number on the scale. It’s  a guideline not a measurement of self worth!!)

All day yesterday I was tempted! It was a really rough go. Donuts are my very very fav and a new donut shop opened here in town with fancy pants donuts and TWO coworkers brought in boxes of them.


I sent a text to my gym bud/BFF looking for support and he was beyond unhelpful haha! Then he kept sending me pictures of my FAV foods (he knows me way too well!) The conversation ended with my just sending him the middle finger emoji! Haha. Thanks Al.



I did have about 5 bites or so of all different flavors and they were all beyond delicious. Someday I’m going to have to go back there when I have the extra macros and indulge!!

So after that mental exercise all day, this morning it was time to step on the scale:



I will take that! I know the first week is always a big number (water weight) and next month it wont be as big a number but I’m proud of myself!

Measurements this morning clocked in at

Right before I went off to Hot  Yoga! 

36″ Bust

28″ Waist (around the smallest part)

38″ Hips (around the widest part)


I know that consistency is so so important so that’s my focus. Keep tracking, keep putting my health high up on the priority list and we will see what Feb brings!


I’m going to HAWAII! That means I don’t have to be healthy, right?! How to have a healthy vacation.

I leave for HAWAII TOMORROW!!!! 


I am beyond beyond beyond excited- mainly because I am finally going to swim with sharks. I may not come back…. not because I will have been eaten by the sharks, like my friends keep telling me.


I have absolutely no intention of “dieting” on this vacation. I’m going to eat and indulge and savor every and anything. It will be offset by a lot of activities, swimming and snorkeling of course, hiking Diamond head and Manoa Falls. I’ve packed running gear to run along the beach. (If I can!)

But this is an especially special vacation. It IS possible to have a healthy vacation.

  • If possible, pack your food.Since packing and flying with a week’s worth of food isn’t really feasible, I can/will prep snacks for the plane (plus, airport food = crazy prices!) You can also pack an empty water bottle and fill it up once you get through security.
  • Which also brings us right into, hydrate! It is so much easier to slack on water when you’re out on the town. Keep hydration a priority. Especially in a hot/tropical climate where you’ll be out in the sun all day. PSA for sunscreen here too.
  • I always want to try everything! But I don’t need to finish everything. If you can, share snacks and treats. I’m going to HI with family so we can share a lot.
  • Let yourself enjoy and indulge, but not in every meal. Grab some groceries for easy meals, especially breakfast and lunch. If you have a mini fridge/ microwave in your room– even better. I know I’ve used a cooler full of hotel ice in the past! But there are things you don’t need to heat or chill that are still viable healthy options. Fruit, protein bars, almonds, beef or turkey jerky, pretzels, pb sandwiches, applesauce. Get creative!
  • Don’t skip working out. Plan for active excursions. Get a hotel with a gym. Plan for moves you can go in your hotel room, even. Get them done first thing and then you can play all day with no guilt.

no equipment needed workout you can do anywhere:

10 lunges each leg

10 push ups

10 air squats

10 sit ups

10 jumping jacks

Repeat 4-5 times