Phoenix Marathon Update


After much deliberation, I finally, officially decided to drop down to the half marathon for Phoenix (now the Mesa-Phx (since 0% of the race is actually in Phx?)) I honestly just wasn’t ready or training the way I’d like. Yes there was laziness on my part but there was also sickness and injuries that knocked me outta the game.

I decided to just focus on running the best half I could and really wanted to do well! I was proud of my performance at the RnR half considering I woke up sick 2 days before and I felt really good and kept a good pace throughout the race. I know I’m a slow poke, but I had a good finish time (for me) at 2:27.

Even on FB I said 2:26

Then a couple nights ago I was cleaning up my desk (where I keep my bibs just in a pile…) and looked at my bib from last year’s Phx half and I’d written 2:26 as my finish time. Well, I actually double chked that today and it has me at 2:24!  Gun time was 2:26, rookie mistake.

sorry it’s so small…

So that’s my PR as of today but I realllly want to beat that this year! I liked the Phx course and the finish line/ zone was amazing! It had so much food and vendors and exhibits it was like another expo but even better because everything was free! haha.

Goal is to take a whole 5 min off my PR. I’m going to 2:19! #under220






Rock n Roll Phoenix Half Marathon Recap

I did it! After my sprained ankle and sickness I got very worried on how I would do at this race and although I wanted a good time, my main goal quickly switched to “just finish the damn thing!”

Saturday I woke up early (for this graveyarder) and went tot the expo. It was my friend’s first marathon so I kinda showed her the ropes. As far as expo’s go it wasn’t the best but it wasn’t the worst I’ve been to. I was chatting with my mom, a non-runner, a few days before the race and was explaining to her the whole Rock n Roll deal. I likened it to the McDonald’s of races. All over the country and not the best quality but you know what you’re getting. I’m not the biggest fan. I liked the RnR Vegas only because running down the strip at night was so cool but I don’t think i’ll bother with another RnR.



The half marathon started with the 10K and the gun didn’t go off till 7:50. It felt so late! But it was enough time to drive to our work where we hopped on the light rail instead of trying to find (and pay for) a parking space downtown. We dropped off our gear, went to the porta potties  and pinned our bibs and before I knew it the race began. I was in a different corral than my friend so I dropped her off and went to my station (corral 11). Right before I left her she asked if it was a big deal that she didn’t have that plastic band that was on her bib! uh oh! She left her timing chip in her gear bag! Well since this is her first race, she automatically PR’s right? She just kept her time on her phone.


The course is not that beautiful and I never once thought about taking a picture while running. We just run down major city streets in Tempe/Scottsdale/Phoenix. My favorite part was either running by Hole in the Rock (mile 9??) and over the Mill Ave bridge across Tempe Town Lake.

I had a plan for this race and I think I followed it as well as I could! I stayed very positive and just kept repeating my mantras in my head. I made sure I started off slow and didn’t burn out like I did at Long Beach. And I was able to keep a pretty steady/ consistent pace.

The first part really zoomed by and I didn’t start to really get tired till mile 8. And that was only after I told myself “4 miles left… no wait. It’s 5. 5 miles left.” I can’t run and do simple math! Mile 9 went by pretty fast since you double back for most of it and I just kept trying to look for a) my friend and b) the 2:30 pacer. I always just wanted to stay in front of that 2:30 pacer!

By mile 10, I was tired and ready to be done but I pushed on. Then at mile 12 I really wanted to be done!! My plan was to run as fast as I could that last mile and turns out as fast as I could for the first half of it was walking. I picked it up though and once we got to the bridge and knew I had about 0.3 miles left I started to really give it my all. I turned the corner and saw the finish line but I was soooo tired and my legs/hips were done and I wanted to walk so badly but I knew I wouldn’t be proud walking over the finish line so I dug in and kept running. I finally finished at 2:27:19!


Not the goal I had in my head when I signed up for this race, but after everything I am pretty darn proud of myself. It’s a faster time than my last 2 half marathons (Long Beach and Fontana)


Overall, it was a pretty good day. The weather was perfect! There was a chance of rain but that held off but the air was still cold and crisp that made it nice to run in.

My friend finished 5 min faster than her goal time and did really well. She learned real quick how a race can take everything you got. But she’s already signed up for another half in March!


The Phoenix Marathon is 5 weeks away and now for sure, I’m gonna drop down to the half. I don’t know if I’ll ever do a full again but I know I’m not there right now. I’m just going to keep training and go for a PR!

Prep/ Taper week for the RnR Phx 1/2!

Less than 1 week out from the Rock N Roll Phoenix Half!


I’m getting really excited but also pretty nervous! I haven’t ran 13 miles since my last half and I didn’t do as well on that one as I’d hoped. Plus my ankle after the crash still isn’t 100% but it’s close. (I still can’t sit cross legged. Annoying!)


This week is tapering week tho! I actually think I’m still gonna push it on Monday. The planner says 8 miles but I may do more just to gauge where I’m at for the Phx marathon. We’ll see. Luckily, I FINALLY went and bought new shoes that were desperately desperately needed so I’m breaking those in. 🙂

Monday: 8+ miles

Tuesday: Yoga

Wednesday: Lift- will focus more on upper body

Thursday: 4 mile tempo run

Friday: light lift sesh either upper body or HIIT

Saturday- REST

Sunday- RACE DAY 🙂



Long Beach Half Marathon Recap

Whew, what a weekend!

I woke up in the middle of the night Saturday to go to CA and drove straight to the expo! (almost 7 hours) I got there earlier than I intended (I originally thought I was going to take the 91 ((yes I’m a Californian. I talk about traffic/freeways)) but just cannot stand driving through Corona. It makes me absolutely crazy. So I took the 60 and just came down the 710. Milage wise, yes it’s longer but it was so much smoother of a ride without that traffic!) so I had some time to kill.


turkey & roasted red pepper wrap- my fav lunch!

Since I had my lunch all packed and with me, and since the next stop on my travel itinerary would take a couple hours with no eating allowed, I grabbed my lunch box and had a picnic at the pier. I listened to my audio book and people watched and walked around a bit.


In case you didn’t know, I’m LDS.So I was able to run down to the Newport Temple! Beautiful! I love visiting new temples.

It was an early night back at the hotel and ate my packed (and approved) salmon dinner. I unpacked all my race gear and realized I FORGOT my running capris!! I texted my sister and debated running out to walmart or old navy for a replacement but luckily, I packed and extra pair of workout shorts (I planned to drive home in them on Monday) and lanacane. My sis offered the pants she brought but said they some times slide down- I did not want to deal with that so I braved the race in my shorts.

Sunday morning my brother woke me up saying he was there to pick me up. WHAT? Oops. I threw on my clothes, grabbed my shoes, breakfast, etc and hopped in the car. I’m beyond thankful my brother and sister came to get me and to support my race.


It was a bit of a frantic start but also kind of nice that I didn’t have time to dwell on what I was about to do!


The race itself? Well I wish I’d done better! Final time was 2:29. I started out way to fast. Around mile 4, I saw the 2:10 pacer creeping up from behind me. At first I was so excited I was on track for a 2:10 finish but quickly realized I wasn’t ready to do a 2:10 half and new I wasted too much energy in the first 1/3 of the run.


Not the long stretch I was talking about…

I started to slow down. Then around mile 7, I turned the corner to see a looooong stretch of runners in front of me and couldn’t help but think “I have to run alll that?!?!?” Running is SO SO SO mental. I tried really hard to put all those negative thoughts from my mind. I tried to smile as I ran. I listened to good tunes. But it was really hard mentally more than anything! Especially when the 2:15, 2:20, 2:25 pacers past me and I couldn’t keep up. Such a bummer. (My shorts also slowed me down, since I did stop a couple times to apply lanacane. I’d rather be slow than chafed!)


It was a very pretty course, though! I definitely would recommend it. I really liked it. It was hotter than I’d like, but not as hot as last year!! finisher-2


In the end, I’m proud of myself. I sprinted the final 0.1 of the race and felt better than my last half (the Fontana half in June) but I did feel like I was going to puke at the finish line. My brother (not a runner) asked why I do this when it makes me puke. My sister (a runner) answered for me “it goes away.” Haha. Love my sister.


I had a very lazy night Sunday night, indulging in the marshmallows I’ve been saving just for this!


I got back home Monday and was reunited with my very favorite thing!


It’s the start of racing season and I’m so excited I signed up for 2 10Ks and a 12K!! Wish me luck now.

The Long Beach Half is FOUR days away! I’m getting the usual excited/nervous!

Funny running memes for runners and people who love to workout - Fitness memes that will make you laugh!:

I was out on a training run recently and thought to myself, “Why am I doing this?” Why do I train for a marathon when it hurts and wears me out and is expensive! Every training cycle, I tell myself “I’m NEVER running another race EVER again.”

And then I sign up for something. I know I’m not the only runner that feels this way…

10 eBibs Only Runners Could Understand - Competitor Running:

It’s the start of running season and I just get soooo excited!! The weather is finally cool enough that it doesn’t kill me to run during the day and I don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night for a long run. It’s gonna be a great season!

I have the LB half, Phx RnR half and Phx Full marathon. Those will be the big ones. But because I am a very crazy lady, I just signed up for a bunch of fun races. What better way to celebrate every holiday than with a race.

Image result

The annual Turkey trot 10K


12Ks of Christmas (this will be my 2nd year)

and the Gilbert 10K just because! – I really wanted to do the half but I couldnt get the night before off work (Yay shift work!) and I didn’t think I could work from 8pm to 6am and then run 13 miles right after. I’m not that crazy!


It’s race week! Prepping, tapering, eating carbs!

Racing season is HERE!! I’m getting so excited. My sister ran the St. George Marathon and totally rocked it!! I’m beyond proud of her.

Then gymBFF AL ran the swat test on Monday. I’ve been side by side with him in the gym these past several weeks, seeing him push himself and RUN (he hates running…) and train for this test. It’s an intense physical test for sure! I was pretty nervous for him. I sent him this little picture/meme/thing Monday when I was out for my LAST long run before the half.



He did so well! I’m SO happy for him. He “passed” but they haven’t told him the official results and there’s even another step after that so he’s not in the clear but he’s in a good spot and very happy.


We have an inside joke about marshmallows so when I heard about a place here in the valley called Fluff It that sold fancy/gourmet mallows I knew I just HAD to get him some. It was a tough choice but I settled on churro flavor. YUM! He’s not one to like being spoiled or given presents but he laughed pretty hard when I gave him these. He dug right in and of course shared one with me and they were everything I wanted them to be.  (( I bought a fruity pebbles box to indulge in after the race!))


So rewind to my run Monday morning. Last longish run- 6 miles- before the Long Beach Half Marathon. Tapering down to rest by body for the big day. I posted this on IG but I run right past a Bosa Donuts shop. It smelled incredible!! But I was a good girl and kept running.


This morning bright and early for this graveyarder, I finally was able to go to the chiropractor. I’ve been having some neck pain lately and really did not want to have that issue on Sunday so she squeezed me in. She said I was a bit out of alignment and put me back together again. Hopefully that fixes the issue!


I make weird faces! Between the chiro and work, I ran over to the gym for my last leg day! Gotta give these gams time to rest up and recover. I forgot my converse and don’t like squatting or deadlifting in my running shoes because of the padding so I did it all in my socks. legz

The rest of the week will focus on upper body work but I also have to go pretty light to make sure my neck is okay. I just really am protective of my body this week! I don’t want to risk any injury! Plus my eating is going to be on point. Nothing that will upset my stomach. No new foods. Just what is going to fuel my body right. That also means I get to step up my carb intake a little bit 🙂 plus drinking water water water!!


Love + Running

The other day I was chatting with a friend who told me that every time her trainer makes her run, she thinks about me because she hates running and “how can Lindsay like this?!” I told her that, k honestly, I hate running! Every time I’m out there, I’m thinking, “I hate this. This hurts. Why am I doing this to myself…”

love hate running

She laughed at me and pointed out that I must love it since I run alllll the time. I conceded that I do. I do love it and I simultaneously don’t know why and could list a thousand reasons why. It’s a strange feeling!

heart running

I ran the Fontana Half with my sister a couple weekends ago and I didn’t blog about it. Mainly because it went terribly. I did NOT train for it the way I should have and I didn’t do as well as I wanted. I was miserable and I kept thinking, “I’m never running again!!”

Start of the Fontana half 
Grinning and bearing it! 


Literally 6 days later, I went out and ran an easy  7 miles. #youknowyourearunerwhen


I snapped that pic and didn’t realize how bad the quality was till the next day. Sorry!

I’m back to running for fun! Not training and not stressing about my pace/times. This is the running I love. Just cruising along with my tunes in my ears. But 2 weeks after my vow of never running another mile, I’m already looking up what race to sign up for next. I’ve got my eyes pretty set on the Long Beach Marathon. I was born in long beach (Redondo Beach) and I know I can get the weekend off work (miracle in and of itself!) Why do we do this?? Why pay lots of bucks to run lots of miles and chafe and get blisters and be sore and sweaty and tired?

(Because I’m the BIGGEST Dr. Seuss fan!!) 

Why do you love running?