Make A Plan to Eat Healthy Even When You Can’t Plan Everything

Sometimes, life is beyond your control. This week, I planned to go out to dinner with friends on Monday and ended up going out to eat 2 other times! I still lost weight so I’m stoked about that.


And this week, I suddenly have to go out of town for a family emergency. There’s obviously a lot going through my mind, and “what am I going to eat?” is one of them. I feel selfish for even thinking of myself & food at a time like this. Weight loss itself, right now, is such a low priority but I also don’t want it to take up space in my mind when I should be focusing on other things. If that makes sense. I already went through the pantry and grabbed things that I can pack in my suitcase. (Things like protein bars and almonds. Plus I’ll run and grab fruit and veggies, like baby carrots and grape tomatoes that are easily portable. And I’ll boil some eggs to take on the go.)

But I’m sure there is going to be fast food stops in the future. Which causes me a little anxiety…

I’ve decided to just make a list now, with a clear head and full stomach of some viable options for me when the times comes that I need to stop at a drive thru.



Eating Out and Battling Food Anxiety

So far I’ve been tracking and really on top of my eating habits and that feels great. But sometimes I get into ‘all or nothing’ mode and let my food anxiety get the better of me. Sometimes it’s dang hard to be social when you’re trying not to eat junk. Sometimes it’s just easier to stay home and cook what you know than risk the temptation etc of eating out.

When my dad called and asked if I wanted to join him and my brother’s family for dinner, I jumped at the chance of course but he told me he hadn’t decided where to go. He texted me the day of the dinner telling me where to meet them, Texas Roadhouse. He texted me during the day when I was sleeping but woke up and half-asleep read his text and immediately started worrying about what I would order. Luckily I was familiar with the menu and vaguely sure what would be good choices but not until then I was I able to fall back asleep.

Sorry for the bad quality. I tried to snap it fast and knew it was rough, but didn’t know just how rough!

I could’ve have made better choices but I think I did pretty good. Part of the trouble is not only do I pay attention to macros, I have to watch what my body can/cannot digest.

I stayed away from the bread, amazingly and stuck to water to drink. I ordered a house salad with no cheese and there was trouble with the dressing (seriously, I almost brought my own!) but it worked out well enough. 6oz sirloin and side of green beans. At first I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of green beans and ordered it because it was the best option for me health wise (there is a fresh mixed veg option but that has broccoli which my body can’t break down although healthy, not healthy for me, ya know.) So I settled for green beans but honestly they were delicious! They were cooked with bacon and I’m guessing butter so not 100% ‘clean’ but it may have been my favorite part of the meal. I’ll definitely be happy to order them again.

I don’t want to let my food anxiety take over my life. I don’t want to be a hermit that stays home every night, like Rizzo 😉 and be scared of backsliding but I also want to make healthy choices and not indulge/binge just because I’m out. It’s a balance for sure that I’m still trying to find!

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Heathy Dates (not the fruit)

Guys, I’m single. Like super single. Which involves going on dates. Sure, dates can be fun and you get all dressed up and you go somewhere nice and you get butterflies… like once a, I dunno, year? Dating F’ing sucks. It sucks.

It sucks.


So I go on dates. Which often means going out to dinner. Or breakfast since you know, night shift… K I’m going to try real hard to NOT be a downer about dating (did I mention it sucks?!) but here’s how it normally goes for me:

It’s Friday evening  and (I have just woken up) my date is picking me up for dinner in 2 hours. Which is like going out for “dinner” at like 11 AM to a regular person. It’s not great. So I skip my regularly scheduled workout to get ready. He picks me up and then tells me where we’re going to dinner. I order something normal because I don’t want to look like that girl. I eat too much because I am THAT girl. We eat, we hang out. We do NOT Netflix and chill. He leaves. It’s now midnight or something. I’m full, I’m exhausted, I’m not about to go to the gym now…

I eat my leftovers on the couch while watching reruns of NewsRadio.

My love for this show is unending.

All in all, fitness takes a back seat on “date nights.”

So can we merge dating and a healthy lifestyle??

PLAN! Planning is key. If you’re lucky enough to get previous intel on the restaurant, you can look up their menu and find the best choices. Most of the time I’ll ask the dude where we’re going and I get “I’m not sure yet” in response.

Okay, well I can still plan the rest of the day/week around the splurge. Eat light and healthy at the meals surrounding your dinner date to balance things out.

I don’t want to look like super high maintenance asking this no oil, that on the side on and on. But I WILL ask for veggies instead of the mashed potatoes or simply no sour cream please.

whms meme

If you feel comfortable, don’t go out to dinner. Stay in and cook! Impress your guy/lady with a fancy schmany home cooked meal. S/he doesn’t even need to know it’s low cal.

Skip dinner altogether and do something active. Dance, bowl, rock climb, hike. (But be smart. Don’t go off into the woods alone with a man you just met!)


I did go on a hike on my very favorite date I’ve ever been on! View from the top 🙂 my view of my date–even bettah!!

I have even gone on a few running dates! But let me remind you, I am super single, so mayyybe don’t take my advice.

And ultimately, this boy has my heart!! ❤