I Ran Into a TREE. Literally.

I went to the gym! It’s been too long since I’ve actually lifted a weight and it felt really good to get back at it.

I had unexpected errands to run before work yesterday that took the allotted time I had planned for a gym session but (miracle of all miracles) I got out of work 2 hours early so I ran over to the gym and did a quick kettlebell leg workout.



Gotta do what you gotta do, right?


Then I came home to this friggin cutie. His dog bed is literally 1 foot to the right of this. Spoiled little monster.


Then this afternoon, I went on quite the eventful run. I work nights so ‘my mornings’ are really midday and I didn’t start out till 3pm. It was already 85 degrees and I was feeling it. It was hot! I have marathon training alllll through the summer and then  I’m going to fly to NYC in November; I’m quite worried about the temp change. I don’t know how I’m going to combat the heat and still get in 20 mile runs. I guess I’m gonna have to make fast friends with the treadmill.

So I start out already sweaty and pass a homeless man who told me I had good form! Ha hey thanks man. He even noticed that I didn’t “toe out.” What can I say? I try!

So I keep going and look down at  weird thing with my shoulder and BAM. I literally ran FACE FIRST into a tree.

tree ruins

Guys, I ran INTO A TREE. Day 3 of NYCM training and I run into a tree… it’s gonna be a long summer.






Feeding my Feelings NEVER Makes Me Feel Better. You’d Think I’d Learn!

Well… I definitely did not do well this week. It was rough! And to be honest, I just gave up.

Saturday night, I went on another bad date. I came home starving and upset so I went out and got take out that I knew 100% was feeding my feelings and wasn’t going to help me feel better in the long run but I also 100% did not care.

We all eat lies when our hearts are hungry..:

I also eat  LOTS of fries…

Sunday, my dad and brother picked me up and we headed out for California for my grandfather’s funeral. I planned all these options for fast food but I didn’t think about breakfast! And that’s the first place we headed after they got me. I was half asleep and my defenses were shot so I got some breakfast. The rest of the weekend was just eating whatever and whenever. Plus all the funeral potatoes after the service.



It was definitely hard to say goodbye to my grandfather. He was a really special guy.


I mean, look at this stud. He only had 1 arm but never let that stop him and did everything he wanted. He danced, played tennis, played the piano, hiked, flew planes and crashed a couple times! He was brilliant and became an electric engineer and worked on the Apollo Space program! One of a kind. I was super proud of him and so thankful to have him as my gramps!!


I was sure happy to get back to my pups!! This little guy makes every day better.

After my hard weekend of boy trouble, trying not to let boy trouble overshadow grandpa grief, dealing with grandpa grief, and then Valentines day to remind me of boy trouble, I did NOT take care of my body or fuel it the way I should’ve and let me tell you, I am feeling the aftermath! I did weigh in and it was a scary number. Back to normal life today and back on the wagon. That’s all I can do!

Merry Christmas and Happy Festivus!

Merry Christmas everyone! I did my Fesitvus celebrations on the 23rd, as I’m sure we all did, with airing of grievances and feats of strength. I did get to the gym for leg day (narrow smith squats, kick backs, leg press, calf raises and some abs followed by 15 min on the elliptical. So that alone was my feat of strength!)

I work Christmas Eve night but I am lucky enough this year to have Christmas day off. I’ll go to church in the AM and then over to my parents’ house and have dinner with them and my brother, sister-in-law and their 4 kids! They’re the freaking cutest, especially in their Christmas jammies so I’m excited to see them and ask them what Santa brought! (Four kids 5 years old and  younger. I haven’t a clue how they do it but they’re fun ages for holidays!)

I even got to swing into work late so I had a very lazy morning. I had every intention of going for a run but it was pouring all day so that got postponed. Instead I ate a yummy xmas breakfast.  Gluten free waffles topped with strawberries, honey and whipped cream and hot chocolate with marshmallows. Counting calories is against the law on Christmas (eve).


Copper got to open his present first. I think he liked it! Look at that blur of a tail! cops-present

I watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas


Homegirl knows me too well! Here’s the bag it came in. 🙂




Shark earrings and a shark ornament! I swear that thing went STRAIGHT onto the tree after this picture. My not so secret santa is a dear friend and I was actually pretty excited to find out she’s the one who drew my name but to say she nailed it this year is an understatement!  I’m pretty stoked. love

Then it was time for carols- of course I mean the best Christmas song! Christmas Wrapping.  Bah Humbug, no that’s too strong cause this is my favorite holiday…  


I read Copper the Bible story. Look at his sweet face. He was truly interested. cops-and-bible

and the only kiss under the mistletoe I’ll get this year but it’s from a boy who loves me unconditionally!!  My sweet sweet dog! xmas-kiss

Merry Christmas from Copper Mercury and me!! I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Christmas!

I’m off to work to pig out on allllll the treats I’m sure dispatch will have waiting for me.

Long Beach Half Marathon Recap

Whew, what a weekend!

I woke up in the middle of the night Saturday to go to CA and drove straight to the expo! (almost 7 hours) I got there earlier than I intended (I originally thought I was going to take the 91 ((yes I’m a Californian. I talk about traffic/freeways)) but just cannot stand driving through Corona. It makes me absolutely crazy. So I took the 60 and just came down the 710. Milage wise, yes it’s longer but it was so much smoother of a ride without that traffic!) so I had some time to kill.


turkey & roasted red pepper wrap- my fav lunch!

Since I had my lunch all packed and with me, and since the next stop on my travel itinerary would take a couple hours with no eating allowed, I grabbed my lunch box and had a picnic at the pier. I listened to my audio book and people watched and walked around a bit.


In case you didn’t know, I’m LDS.So I was able to run down to the Newport Temple! Beautiful! I love visiting new temples.

It was an early night back at the hotel and ate my packed (and approved) salmon dinner. I unpacked all my race gear and realized I FORGOT my running capris!! I texted my sister and debated running out to walmart or old navy for a replacement but luckily, I packed and extra pair of workout shorts (I planned to drive home in them on Monday) and lanacane. My sis offered the pants she brought but said they some times slide down- I did not want to deal with that so I braved the race in my shorts.

Sunday morning my brother woke me up saying he was there to pick me up. WHAT? Oops. I threw on my clothes, grabbed my shoes, breakfast, etc and hopped in the car. I’m beyond thankful my brother and sister came to get me and to support my race.


It was a bit of a frantic start but also kind of nice that I didn’t have time to dwell on what I was about to do!


The race itself? Well I wish I’d done better! Final time was 2:29. I started out way to fast. Around mile 4, I saw the 2:10 pacer creeping up from behind me. At first I was so excited I was on track for a 2:10 finish but quickly realized I wasn’t ready to do a 2:10 half and new I wasted too much energy in the first 1/3 of the run.


Not the long stretch I was talking about…

I started to slow down. Then around mile 7, I turned the corner to see a looooong stretch of runners in front of me and couldn’t help but think “I have to run alll that?!?!?” Running is SO SO SO mental. I tried really hard to put all those negative thoughts from my mind. I tried to smile as I ran. I listened to good tunes. But it was really hard mentally more than anything! Especially when the 2:15, 2:20, 2:25 pacers past me and I couldn’t keep up. Such a bummer. (My shorts also slowed me down, since I did stop a couple times to apply lanacane. I’d rather be slow than chafed!)


It was a very pretty course, though! I definitely would recommend it. I really liked it. It was hotter than I’d like, but not as hot as last year!! finisher-2


In the end, I’m proud of myself. I sprinted the final 0.1 of the race and felt better than my last half (the Fontana half in June) but I did feel like I was going to puke at the finish line. My brother (not a runner) asked why I do this when it makes me puke. My sister (a runner) answered for me “it goes away.” Haha. Love my sister.


I had a very lazy night Sunday night, indulging in the marshmallows I’ve been saving just for this!


I got back home Monday and was reunited with my very favorite thing!


Meal Prepping a Week in Advance


I am already so sad to leave this little guy at the pet hotel on Friday. He doesn’t know what’s coming but I’m soaking in every minute I have with him. He loves it there (everyone knows my little 3 legged dog and they spoil him!) so I’m not worried which is a great feeling! I’m sure gonna miss him!!

I got all my snacks and meals ready for race weekend. Traveling for a race is tricky because I obviously want to eat healthy/ food that I know my body can handle but I’ll be on the road and I got a cheap hotel with no fridge option so I’m going to be packing whatever works in a cooler! I’m very not picky about my food temperature so this isn’t a problem.

I had all my meals planned and ready to go when I realized I’m coming back late-ish Monday and I have to be up and about all day Tuesday! 2 appointments before work and then a sixty hour work week. Yeah, I’m not happy about that. (Who wants to be a 911 dispatcher???) So I realized I need to meal plan for all next week as well!

I ran to the store and  bought a bunch of ingredients for meals I knew I could freeze and pull out next week as needed so it didn’t get old sitting in my fridge all weekend untouched.

I think I’ve talked about this grocery list of mine before but it’s so simple and easy when cooking for 1.


I ended up buying 1 lb of chicken and 1 lb of ground beef. 2 bell peppers, 1 onion, 1 box of mushrooms and baby carrots. I ended up making chicken stir fry, chicken fajitas, and beef “foil dinners” made in the crock pot! I love that it’s almost all the same veggies just dressed up differently so it doesn’t taste like I’m eating the same everyday. But I used ALL the veggies so nothing is going to waste. (plus you can use so many different veggies. Whatever you want. Especially in the stir fry and foil dinners. Cabbage, broccoli, zucchini… it’s so great!)

Plus I grilled some extra fillets of chicken that I can pull out of the freezer as needed and I’m ready to go!

Fitness Motivation:

I’m all ready for race weekend! I’m set up to have a healthy (& very busy!) week next week!

Heathy Dates (not the fruit)

Guys, I’m single. Like super single. Which involves going on dates. Sure, dates can be fun and you get all dressed up and you go somewhere nice and you get butterflies… like once a, I dunno, year? Dating F’ing sucks. It sucks.

It sucks.


So I go on dates. Which often means going out to dinner. Or breakfast since you know, night shift… K I’m going to try real hard to NOT be a downer about dating (did I mention it sucks?!) but here’s how it normally goes for me:

It’s Friday evening  and (I have just woken up) my date is picking me up for dinner in 2 hours. Which is like going out for “dinner” at like 11 AM to a regular person. It’s not great. So I skip my regularly scheduled workout to get ready. He picks me up and then tells me where we’re going to dinner. I order something normal because I don’t want to look like that girl. I eat too much because I am THAT girl. We eat, we hang out. We do NOT Netflix and chill. He leaves. It’s now midnight or something. I’m full, I’m exhausted, I’m not about to go to the gym now…

I eat my leftovers on the couch while watching reruns of NewsRadio.

My love for this show is unending.

All in all, fitness takes a back seat on “date nights.”

So can we merge dating and a healthy lifestyle??

PLAN! Planning is key. If you’re lucky enough to get previous intel on the restaurant, you can look up their menu and find the best choices. Most of the time I’ll ask the dude where we’re going and I get “I’m not sure yet” in response.

Okay, well I can still plan the rest of the day/week around the splurge. Eat light and healthy at the meals surrounding your dinner date to balance things out.

I don’t want to look like super high maintenance asking this no oil, that on the side on and on. But I WILL ask for veggies instead of the mashed potatoes or simply no sour cream please.

whms meme

If you feel comfortable, don’t go out to dinner. Stay in and cook! Impress your guy/lady with a fancy schmany home cooked meal. S/he doesn’t even need to know it’s low cal.

Skip dinner altogether and do something active. Dance, bowl, rock climb, hike. (But be smart. Don’t go off into the woods alone with a man you just met!)


I did go on a hike on my very favorite date I’ve ever been on! View from the top 🙂 my view of my date–even bettah!!

I have even gone on a few running dates! But let me remind you, I am super single, so mayyybe don’t take my advice.

And ultimately, this boy has my heart!! ❤


I’m a Pack Mule

I don’t know how I could have possibly forgotten my lunch yesterday. I mean I only have to carry about 12 different bags everywhere I go… I’m a pack mule. Today was a particularly  bad day. I have my shoes that didn’t fit in my gym bag/ back pack for work (shark print!!)/ gym bag full- including work clothes, running shoes, etc… make up tote, lunch box (I remembered it today!) and an extra bag full of food because…


I’m stocking my locker!

I do love me some pho but I wasn’t thrilled about having to order takeout. Plus I work 10 hour shifts. 1 bowl of soup wasn’t going to cut it for 10 hours, so I resorted to the good ol’ vending machine. It wasn’t a super healthy day yesterday. I DO normally keep a protein bar in my purse but I don’t bring my purse to work… just my shark print backpack (I’m a 9 year old boy.)

So after work, I ran to the grocery store and stocked up. I can’t keep a lot of stuff in the fridge since we don’t have that kind of room for all employees, but I do have my very own locker. So I brainstormed some “healthy” snacks I can keep in an non refrigerated environment. I got:


  • Oatmeal
  • Jovy fruit rolls. Healthy? Ehh…
  • Almonds
  • Quest bars
  • Tuna
  • Beef jerky
  • Brown Rice
  • Canned fruit
  • Yogurts -> These are going to into the freezer (where there’s more room to keep long term items)

Not pictures. I grabbed some frozen deals. I tried to find some healthy-ish ones. But hey, it’s a better alternative.

And to make up for my horrible picture taking abilities, here is a cute picture of the cutest dog in the world!!  His face kills me.


Help me out, guys? What are some other healthy pantry/ prepackaged foods for such emergency cases?