Last Looks Before the RnR Half: I better get better!

Only a couple days out from my half. I was feel really positive about it  until I woke up yesterday with a sore throat! And I just felt that cold/sickness coming on. I’m going to go down swinging fighting this thing. I do not want to get sick!! I gargled with salt water, took Echinacea and Emercen-c, am drinking hot tea and brought soup for lunch. The works! Whatever remedy you got, I’ll try it. I have a couple days to let this thing run its course. (Sleep is also very much needed but not as easy for this busy gal to acquire. What’s more important, yoga or 2 hours extra sleep??) Either way I’m running this dumb race Sunday. (I ran the Lake Hav 1/2 sick as a dog. Took me 3.5 hours!))



So aside from this unwelcome battle, here’s how I’ve been prepping this week:


Of course I’m tapering my runs; last tempo run was Thursday. I switched yoga around because I wanted it closer to race day (I think it really helps me) so I’m going tonight if my body is up for it. And Saturday is 100% rest day.



I’m doing a gradual carb load. Instead of just eating a giant plate of spaghetti Saturday night, I’m going to up my carbs a little each day which means first and foremost, more veggies. I’m gluten “sensitive” so I do want to eat food that’s easy on my stomach which will mainly be rice, oats and sweet potatoes, not that I’m complaining about that! Speaking of, I really am going to stick to the foods I know and wont cause me stomach issues so no/little of fried food, cruciferous veggies, sugar, dairy.

Plus up my water! I always want to up my water throughout the week before a big race but even more so now that I’m under the weather. I want to drink more and more water each day till I max 2 gallons on Saturday!!



I have a neuroma in my foot that sometimes I barely even notice and sometimes it’s shooting pain up my leg. This week it has been acting up and more than pain, my toe(s) have been going numb. High heels really aggravate it so no heels this week for me! In fact, I’m gonna stick to tennies and shoes with really good support.

Texting my sister earlier. She’s not a dummy I swear but that 2nd text is supposed to say “if you can talk or you’re comfortable, you’re running too slow” 🙂  She’s a runner too!

Head Game:

I’m getting my head in the game! All positivity over here. I can do this and I will do this. I can run fast and I will run fast. I close my eyes and picture the course, picture the mile markers passing by, picture me crossing that finish line. I have a plan (#1 don’t start out too fast) and I have a plan B for when I start getting in my head and real bummed out. I have all my mantras. For when I’m too negative, for when I think I’m in pain (It’s supposed to hurt)  and when I want to stop.

I’m ready!! 



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