Getting Your Veggies at Breakfast

Breakfasts this week!  I eat a lot of eggs but the goal was to incorporate more veggies into my breakfasts so there’s that.

Wednesday, my Monday, I was running super late so it was breakfast on the go for me. 1 hard boiled egg and 1/2 a tomato.

I’m all about a running yolk so fried eggs are common over here. The other half of the tomato and avocado slices are under 2 eggs in the top right pic. I was going to add a slice of bacon (and only 1 egg) but I brought my package to work for lunch and forgot it in the work fridge, so I had to forgo that and instead added another egg.

Yesterday was 2 more fried eggs and under there is a hash of spinach, mushrooms, bacon and green onions. I got the idea from pinterest and it’s quickly become a favorite breakfast of mine.

And this morning. Again, it needed to be quick as I was running out the door so hard boiled eggs to the rescue again. I always have hard boiled eggs on hand! chopped up with the rest of my avocado that needed to be eaten. Copper was super interested in what I had going on.

This is real life guys, rushing out the door, simple and easy meals. Using leftovers and whatever is on hand. I do eat more savory breakfasts over sweet ones typically because I’m usually aiming for protein and veggies and less carbs personally but I do like a good pancake here and there! (After my 10 miler last week, I did go eat pancakes and Ihop! worth it!) But it’s not impossible. You can add zucchini or even carrots shavings to oatmeal or pancake batter. Get creative!





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