Time is a choice. You have time for what you make a priority.

I love this! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say they don’t have time to work out. I don’t mean this to be mean at all, but that is just an excuse. It’s not that they don’t have the time, it’st that they don’t make the time. I work 50 hours on a good day. I get to the gym. My sister is a full-time mom of a 4 year old. She runs more than I do. My coworker, works full time and has 3 teens and she works out hard at her gym. Where does your health fall on the priority list? Sometimes it is not at the top and that’s okay. Sometimes sleep, or being with family or sanity takes precedence! I get that 100%. But you have time for what you want to do, on the whole.

Try changing your language. Don’t say I don’t have time to workout; but instead working out is not a priority. And see if that “sits well” with you. If not, change your actions and see how that makes you feel.



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