2017 Workout Planner


There are only a few more days of 2016! I think we’re alllll ready to see it end. I’m not sure I’m going to set up specific resolutions but to say I’ve been slacking with my health goals recently is an understatement. So I want to move those to the front burner.

So since it’s a new year, I needed a new  planner to track all my workouts. I saw something similiar on Pinterest (where else) and adapted it to my planner and so now I have every workout planned till the Phx marathon!

The plan is to write the intended workout on the post-its and then write what I actually did on the page.

Yellow is long runs

blue is XT (yoga more often than not)

Orange is tempo run

Purple is strength training (the slips are blank here but I DID go back in and fill it all out)

Pink is training runs

Green is the best day, REST day!

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