12K of Christmas Recap: 2016 Edition a

Let’s start by reminding ourselves that the Phoenix Rock N Roll Half Marathon is about 1 month away! Yikes bikes…

I signed up ages ago to do the 12K of Christmas again this year but since the accident I’ve only ran once! I worked the night before and went back and forth over whether or not I wanted to actually run the darn thing. In the end, I decided to go but I dropped down to the 1/2 option- the 6K.


I can’t say I was particularly thrilled to be there… haha! This was my selfie pre-race. I was TIRED! And I wore leggings which was not a smart move- it was hot! I think it was about 60 degrees. Hotter than I think we were all prepared for. It’s December after all. I planned for cold. It wasn’t cold.


At the starting line! The race is for a really good cause- all for animal adoption and care and they let dogs run the race too. Plus there’s a costume contest so people were dressed as Santa, Elves, Gingerbread men. Along the course they had carolers and bands playing Christmas music.

I did run the entire 6K (which is just about 3.7 miles) and felt good. I maybe could have done the whole thing but I think it was best not to push it. Still earned my bling!


How am I gonna run this plus another 10 miles on top of this in 4 weeks?!? I just keep telling myself, I’ve ran 13 miles SO many times, obviously I CAN. But the accident really set me back. It may not be my P.R.

I also have a full marathon in February. These are NOT pieces of cake like I can pretend halfs are. I am seriously considering dropping down to the 1/2 but we will see how the Jan Rock n Roll half goes and go from there!


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