Happy Healthy Halloween

Wanna see something scary?


It’s supposed to look like this.

I had a “scary movie” night the other night (and by scary I mean, I think Monster’s Inc. is pushing it!) and wanted to provide healthy themed snacks. I didn’t want the cookie/pizza part so it’s just fruit on a white cutting board. It’s not pretty. But the fruit was still good. 🙂


“Pumpkin” deviled eggs. (I didn’t look up the recipe as to how they made theirs so orange. I just sprinkled paprika into the mix with spicy brown mustard. Yikes!


And a veggie skeleton (with a side of hummus for dipping- cuz yum!)

I think all of these look like they belong on Pinterest Fails, but they we’re healthy, easy-ish, and still delish!

In a holiday where there’s candy EVERYwhere, cookies and brownies and cupcakes… it can get real easy to let your health take a back seat. I’m determined to finish out the year with my head on straight and not get distracted! But that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge every now and then, or that you have to miss all the fun!

There’s a lot you can do with fruit!

  • Black and orange fruit kabobs with blackberries and cantelope
  • orange and pineapple “candy corn” cups


  • stuffed orange pepper jack-o-lanterns
  • turkey chili!
  • grilled cheese or pancakes using cookie cutters



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