Meal Prepping a Week in Advance


I am already so sad to leave this little guy at the pet hotel on Friday. He doesn’t know what’s coming but I’m soaking in every minute I have with him. He loves it there (everyone knows my little 3 legged dog and they spoil him!) so I’m not worried which is a great feeling! I’m sure gonna miss him!!

I got all my snacks and meals ready for race weekend. Traveling for a race is tricky because I obviously want to eat healthy/ food that I know my body can handle but I’ll be on the road and I got a cheap hotel with no fridge option so I’m going to be packing whatever works in a cooler! I’m very not picky about my food temperature so this isn’t a problem.

I had all my meals planned and ready to go when I realized I’m coming back late-ish Monday and I have to be up and about all day Tuesday! 2 appointments before work and then a sixty hour work week. Yeah, I’m not happy about that. (Who wants to be a 911 dispatcher???) So I realized I need to meal plan for all next week as well!

I ran to the store and  bought a bunch of ingredients for meals I knew I could freeze and pull out next week as needed so it didn’t get old sitting in my fridge all weekend untouched.

I think I’ve talked about this grocery list of mine before but it’s so simple and easy when cooking for 1.


I ended up buying 1 lb of chicken and 1 lb of ground beef. 2 bell peppers, 1 onion, 1 box of mushrooms and baby carrots. I ended up making chicken stir fry, chicken fajitas, and beef “foil dinners” made in the crock pot! I love that it’s almost all the same veggies just dressed up differently so it doesn’t taste like I’m eating the same everyday. But I used ALL the veggies so nothing is going to waste. (plus you can use so many different veggies. Whatever you want. Especially in the stir fry and foil dinners. Cabbage, broccoli, zucchini… it’s so great!)

Plus I grilled some extra fillets of chicken that I can pull out of the freezer as needed and I’m ready to go!

Fitness Motivation:

I’m all ready for race weekend! I’m set up to have a healthy (& very busy!) week next week!

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