It’s race week! Prepping, tapering, eating carbs!

Racing season is HERE!! I’m getting so excited. My sister ran the St. George Marathon and totally rocked it!! I’m beyond proud of her.

Then gymBFF AL ran the swat test on Monday. I’ve been side by side with him in the gym these past several weeks, seeing him push himself and RUN (he hates running…) and train for this test. It’s an intense physical test for sure! I was pretty nervous for him. I sent him this little picture/meme/thing Monday when I was out for my LAST long run before the half.



He did so well! I’m SO happy for him. He “passed” but they haven’t told him the official results and there’s even another step after that so he’s not in the clear but he’s in a good spot and very happy.


We have an inside joke about marshmallows so when I heard about a place here in the valley called Fluff It that sold fancy/gourmet mallows I knew I just HAD to get him some. It was a tough choice but I settled on churro flavor. YUM! He’s not one to like being spoiled or given presents but he laughed pretty hard when I gave him these. He dug right in and of course shared one with me and they were everything I wanted them to be.  (( I bought a fruity pebbles box to indulge in after the race!))


So rewind to my run Monday morning. Last longish run- 6 miles- before the Long Beach Half Marathon. Tapering down to rest by body for the big day. I posted this on IG but I run right past a Bosa Donuts shop. It smelled incredible!! But I was a good girl and kept running.


This morning bright and early for this graveyarder, I finally was able to go to the chiropractor. I’ve been having some neck pain lately and really did not want to have that issue on Sunday so she squeezed me in. She said I was a bit out of alignment and put me back together again. Hopefully that fixes the issue!


I make weird faces! Between the chiro and work, I ran over to the gym for my last leg day! Gotta give these gams time to rest up and recover. I forgot my converse and don’t like squatting or deadlifting in my running shoes because of the padding so I did it all in my socks. legz

The rest of the week will focus on upper body work but I also have to go pretty light to make sure my neck is okay. I just really am protective of my body this week! I don’t want to risk any injury! Plus my eating is going to be on point. Nothing that will upset my stomach. No new foods. Just what is going to fuel my body right. That also means I get to step up my carb intake a little bit 🙂 plus drinking water water water!!


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