Break Up Playlist: Expect Better


A few of my close friends know that I was dating someone. And that that someone dumped me on my big behind. It’s fine… I mean it sucks but it was for the best. He had good reasons and we’re going to be “friendly.” (Guys, don’t get your honey where you get your money!) The point is, I’ve been wallowing and feeling generally blue the way you do after a guy you like says “see ya” and I’ve been playing saaaad songs at the gym. Sadder than normal.

Yesterday I thought to myself, F THAT! I’m a bad ass lady who deserves better from a guy and better from myself! So I switched off the bummer songs and created a new playlist! So far I’ve got

You know I’m No Good – Amy Winehouse

Kiss with a Fist – Florence + the Machine

Pumpkin Soup – Kate Nash

Dirty Laundry – Bitter:sweet

How to Be a Heartbreaker – Marina and the Diamonds

Our Time – Lily Allen

Water Under the Bridge – Adele

Trouble – Iggy Azalea ft. Jennifer Hudson

What other songs would you add?? 


p.s. If you wanted to hear the sad songs, on repeat was

I’ll Never Fall in Love Again – Promises Promises soundtrack

All I Ask – Adele (She makes both lists!)

She Used to be Mine – Sara Bareilles/ Waitress

See I’m Smiling AND Still Hurting – The Last 5 Years soundtrack

My Apartments Very Clean Without You – Garfunkel and Oats


Dark times guys. Dark times. Good songs tho. Gym bud AL is real glad they’re not playing anymore though. He puts up with so much.

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