Running on Vacation- in the sand and bad weather: I kind of hate Hawaii!

So I got back from Hawaii a couple days ago. I thought leaving Oahu would be so hard to do but honestly, I was more than ready to be home. Hawaii was a bust! It even seems so strange typing that sentence! But I had a lousy lousy lousy time. Such a waste… (Maybe I’ll talk more about the trip soon but I’m going to skip right on over most of the week. )

I was able to get out and run twice on this trip. Our hotel was right along the Ala Wei Canal so I ran that Saturday and then down the shore of Waikiki on Monday morning.






Notice how grey/dark/cloudy the sky is in both pictures? Yeah it wasn’t great.


I started off my Saturday run FAST (because I was PISSED. But then the sadness just took over and ended up walking pretty much the last mile.) Monday was in the sand along the beach which as an Arizonan, I’m definitely not used to and it was hard! Fun though and I just thought of it like a training run. Slow moving though.

On Monday especially- when I was more focused on my run rather than just needing to burn energy and get out of that hotel room- I got really bummed about my pace. Clearly, there is  a lot of room for improvement and faster mile times.

That’s something I’m really going to focus on during this marathon training cycle. But at the same time, I’m not going to beat myself up! I was a) not used to eating my ‘normal’ food. I was eating vacation food. Fueling my body in a completely abnormal way. For sure not drinking enough water. I tried but it was NOT an easy task… b) My sleeping schedule was thrown off (I’m still a night shifter!) sleeping in a strange bed (1/2 the week was on a couch) with 2 other snorers in the room. c) in a different climate. I don’t know why I never once thought about how humid Hawaii would be. It was humid!!! I was actually quite grateful it started raining during my Saturday AM run. Rain > humidity.

I got out. That’s all I can say. I ran twice for a total of 5 miles. Not breaking any records but it’s better than nothing.






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