30 for 30: It’s starting already. With weird food!

#22 Try  caviar, truffles, alligator, kangaroo and octopus

My girls and I got together for lunch the other day and I selfishly picked the restaurant! We went to The Angry Crab Shack. It was a bit pricey but it was delicious. And messy!

I ordered a ‘bag’ of king crab legs. The waitress mentioned that they’re spicy factor isn’t kidding around so go milder than you normally would. I am a WUSS so I ordered mild (aka wimpy- as it says on the menu!) and boy oh boy, it was still too much for me. Just a word of warning 🙂

But the real draw of the restaurant, was the gator nuggets!


Gator on the right. Hush puppies on the right. Fried food everywhere

Gator is weird! They say it tastes like chicken, but like a fishy chicken. And it’s rubbery. I didn’t eat very many nuggets. But I AM glad I tried them. The 3 of us finished off those hush puppies though!

So, I can’t quite cross off #22 but hey I’m 1/5 the way done with 1 of the 30…. do that math?

And next week I get to cross off #1!!!


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