My Happiness Project

Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too.:

I’ve already talked about my 30 before 30 bucket list but I also had another idea to make the last year of my 20’s a little bit different. I can be a liiiitle bit of a debbie downer; I’m a naturally pessimistic person. But I sat down and wrote out  a list of things I can do that make me happy and it turned into a project.

I’m starting this Monday because a) my birthday is right around the corner and more importantly b) my work schedule changed today so I can start this new routine consistently. I function better with routine and guidelines so here are they are.

  • I will do this at the beginning of every Monday
  • My “beginning”starts at 4pm (I work nights)
  • I can 30 mins, 1 hour, 17 hours if I want, as long as I begin on time
  • It needs to be something I don’t need to depend on anyone to do
  • they don’t have to be done in any particular order
  • It has to be FUN


  1. make a time capsule
  2. do a puzzle
  3. cook a new (fancy!) dish
  4. watch a movie from childhood
  5. look at the clouds
  6. do a cartwheel
  7. eat a sweet treat
  8. do a crossword puzzle
  9. reorganize something in the home
  10. buy someone something
  11. learn a new skill on youtube
  12. craft / DIY project
  13. go to the movies
  14. give yourself a make over / hair & makeup
  15. walk around the temple
  16. go to a new restaurant
  17. watch a comedy/ stand up
  18. call mom
  19. journal
  20. list everything that makes me happy
  21. take an exercise class
  22. go to the aquarium
  23. find a new show on netflix
  24. go to a museum
  25. watch a ted talk
  26. paint (even paint by numbers)
  27. watch my favorite movie
  28. get a blow out
  29. make an inspiration board
  30. bake a cake
  31. spa day
  32. talk Copper on a long walk
  33. have a picnic
  34. read
  35. get a house plant
  36. swim
  37. ride mom’s bike
  38. do something nice for someone else
  39. get rid of something I don’t use
  40. dance!
  41. write a short story
  42. order a pizza
  43. pin things that makes me happy, laugh, inspires me…
  44. watch a documentary
  45. donate old clothes
  46. meditate
  47. rearrange furniture
  48. buy yourself flowers
  49. social media cleanse
  50. hike
  51. go to the zoo
  52. run a new trail/path


honorable mentions!

  • color
  • disneybound
  • practice my oscar/grammy winning speech
  • kayak

I have every intention of documenting along the way! So here’s to being happier 🙂

What makes you happy?

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