Heathy Dates (not the fruit)

Guys, I’m single. Like super single. Which involves going on dates. Sure, dates can be fun and you get all dressed up and you go somewhere nice and you get butterflies… like once a, I dunno, year? Dating F’ing sucks. It sucks.

It sucks.


So I go on dates. Which often means going out to dinner. Or breakfast since you know, night shift… K I’m going to try real hard to NOT be a downer about dating (did I mention it sucks?!) but here’s how it normally goes for me:

It’s Friday evening  and (I have just woken up) my date is picking me up for dinner in 2 hours. Which is like going out for “dinner” at like 11 AM to a regular person. It’s not great. So I skip my regularly scheduled workout to get ready. He picks me up and then tells me where we’re going to dinner. I order something normal because I don’t want to look like that girl. I eat too much because I am THAT girl. We eat, we hang out. We do NOT Netflix and chill. He leaves. It’s now midnight or something. I’m full, I’m exhausted, I’m not about to go to the gym now…

I eat my leftovers on the couch while watching reruns of NewsRadio.

My love for this show is unending.

All in all, fitness takes a back seat on “date nights.”

So can we merge dating and a healthy lifestyle??

PLAN! Planning is key. If you’re lucky enough to get previous intel on the restaurant, you can look up their menu and find the best choices. Most of the time I’ll ask the dude where we’re going and I get “I’m not sure yet” in response.

Okay, well I can still plan the rest of the day/week around the splurge. Eat light and healthy at the meals surrounding your dinner date to balance things out.

I don’t want to look like super high maintenance asking this no oil, that on the side on and on. But I WILL ask for veggies instead of the mashed potatoes or simply no sour cream please.

whms meme

If you feel comfortable, don’t go out to dinner. Stay in and cook! Impress your guy/lady with a fancy schmany home cooked meal. S/he doesn’t even need to know it’s low cal.

Skip dinner altogether and do something active. Dance, bowl, rock climb, hike. (But be smart. Don’t go off into the woods alone with a man you just met!)


I did go on a hike on my very favorite date I’ve ever been on! View from the top 🙂 my view of my date–even bettah!!

I have even gone on a few running dates! But let me remind you, I am super single, so mayyybe don’t take my advice.

And ultimately, this boy has my heart!! ❤


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