I’m a Pack Mule

I don’t know how I could have possibly forgotten my lunch yesterday. I mean I only have to carry about 12 different bags everywhere I go… I’m a pack mule. Today was a particularly  bad day. I have my shoes that didn’t fit in my gym bag/ back pack for work (shark print!!)/ gym bag full- including work clothes, running shoes, etc… make up tote, lunch box (I remembered it today!) and an extra bag full of food because…


I’m stocking my locker!

I do love me some pho but I wasn’t thrilled about having to order takeout. Plus I work 10 hour shifts. 1 bowl of soup wasn’t going to cut it for 10 hours, so I resorted to the good ol’ vending machine. It wasn’t a super healthy day yesterday. I DO normally keep a protein bar in my purse but I don’t bring my purse to work… just my shark print backpack (I’m a 9 year old boy.)

So after work, I ran to the grocery store and stocked up. I can’t keep a lot of stuff in the fridge since we don’t have that kind of room for all employees, but I do have my very own locker. So I brainstormed some “healthy” snacks I can keep in an non refrigerated environment. I got:


  • Oatmeal
  • Jovy fruit rolls. Healthy? Ehh…
  • Almonds
  • Quest bars
  • Tuna
  • Beef jerky
  • Brown Rice
  • Canned fruit
  • Yogurts -> These are going to into the freezer (where there’s more room to keep long term items)

Not pictures. I grabbed some frozen deals. I tried to find some healthy-ish ones. But hey, it’s a better alternative.

And to make up for my horrible picture taking abilities, here is a cute picture of the cutest dog in the world!!  His face kills me.


Help me out, guys? What are some other healthy pantry/ prepackaged foods for such emergency cases?

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