Put Your Mind To It. Go For it.

Get down and break a sweat.

If you get that reference, I instantly have a crush on you.

I gym’d today! I did NOT want to. I was thinking of evvvery excuse I could to talk myself out of feeling guilty for not going to the gym but I saw through my own self and sucked it up and went.


I did a bunch of sprints on the treadmill. Not nearly as many as I should have (or as fast. hashtag I’m slow.)

Someone buy me this shirt for my birthday!

Lately it has been a struggle for me to be anything resembling healthy. My eating has been all over the place which affects my endurance and motivation during my workouts. I’ve fallen back to a lot of old habits. Yikes, guys. Yikes. But I am ALWAYS trying.

While faking it till I make it, I’ve been coming up with every and any motivating factor I can to get myself to the gym. Including:

  1. TUNES. That’s how I made it through today’s run. I’ve IG’d how I’m in love with the Hamilton soundtrack #Ham4Ham. (now lets be honest, if you shuffle Hamilton and It’s Quiet Uptown comes on you will cry so hard you won’t be able to see and you will fall and break your ankle. Trust.] Top w/o choices: My shot/ Guns and Ships/ Non Stop/ Say No to This/ The Room Where it Happened;  I also want to star Aaron Burr Sir, The story of Tonight/ The Schuyler Sisters. GAH They’re all so good!! ok- don’t play Take a Break. because you will really want to take a break. Oh Alexander! why didn’t you go to the lake?! Okay… I am talking too much about Hamilton. I could go on forever.
  2. CUTE OUTFITS. I am just shallow enough that I put together a really cute workout outfit and I wanted to show it off. I am 100% serious.
  3. BUDS. I’ve talked about my gym buddy AL here before, yes? He’s legit and I owe him many many things. The other day we were hanging out and when it came time to say goodbye he told me he will see me at the gym Wednesday. He did not ask if I was going to the gym Wednesday. I was going. He will see me there. I went to the gym Wednesday. (oh and he did not!!)
  4. DON’T THINK ABOUT IT. Seriously. Don’t weigh the pros/cons. Don’t negotiate with yourself. Don’t tell yourself to do this many miles or that many reps. Don’t focus on the pain, how hard it’s going to be, how tired you already are. Just put yourself on autopilot, lace up those shoes and GO. Once you’re out there, it’s not so bad! Don’t let the anticipation of it all keep you from a good workout.
  5. SOCIAL MEDIA. I have lots of negative things to say about social media but here’s the good things: it can be inspiring (if you let it.) Go look at your fav IG accounts. Go look up motivational pinterest quotes. Go read blog posts.
  6. FOCUS ON YOUR GOALS. Have a race coming up? A vacation where you want to look super hot on the beach? A date with a hot boy? I have all that in the near future so I don’t have time to be lazy. Do I have the arms (guns!) I want yet?  Nope. Gotta go do some curls!

And of course there are the cheesy sayings you’ve seen a million times but that doesn’t mean they’re not true like:


After I gym’d, I adulted and went to work where as soon as I pulled up in the parking lot I remembered I left my lunch at home. AHH. I guess that means I had to order pho, right? It was wonderful. [Yes. I eat at my desk. I’m a 911 dispatcher. There’s a 90% chance if you ever have to call 911, your dispatcher just took the biggest bite of her life right before you called. Where my dispatchers at?! Swallow whole or stuff it in cheek???]


How do you motivate yourself to get up and go to the gym?

Pho or Ramen? TOUGH choice…


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