Love + Running

The other day I was chatting with a friend who told me that every time her trainer makes her run, she thinks about me because she hates running and “how can Lindsay like this?!” I told her that, k honestly, I hate running! Every time I’m out there, I’m thinking, “I hate this. This hurts. Why am I doing this to myself…”

love hate running

She laughed at me and pointed out that I must love it since I run alllll the time. I conceded that I do. I do love it and I simultaneously don’t know why and could list a thousand reasons why. It’s a strange feeling!

heart running

I ran the Fontana Half with my sister a couple weekends ago and I didn’t blog about it. Mainly because it went terribly. I did NOT train for it the way I should have and I didn’t do as well as I wanted. I was miserable and I kept thinking, “I’m never running again!!”

Start of the Fontana half 
Grinning and bearing it! 


Literally 6 days later, I went out and ran an easy  7 miles. #youknowyourearunerwhen


I snapped that pic and didn’t realize how bad the quality was till the next day. Sorry!

I’m back to running for fun! Not training and not stressing about my pace/times. This is the running I love. Just cruising along with my tunes in my ears. But 2 weeks after my vow of never running another mile, I’m already looking up what race to sign up for next. I’ve got my eyes pretty set on the Long Beach Marathon. I was born in long beach (Redondo Beach) and I know I can get the weekend off work (miracle in and of itself!) Why do we do this?? Why pay lots of bucks to run lots of miles and chafe and get blisters and be sore and sweaty and tired?

(Because I’m the BIGGEST Dr. Seuss fan!!) 

Why do you love running?

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