I’m a Dirty Girl

dg start

ONE week after my Ragnar, my friends and I ran a dirty girl mud run! (because I think I can do all the things!) I hadn’t ran a single yard since coming back from So Cal, but I knew we weren’t going to be sprinting this thing. We were just going to have fun. And have fun, we did!

DG cute

There was, decidedly, NOT ENOUGH mud! We wanted more! But the obstacles were really fun. There was a big tube we had to crawl through, a slip ‘n slide, big nets to climb up, a HUGE blow up slide, hanging balls that swung and knocked you over,  bars you had to army crawl under, and a 6’ rock climbing wall.

dg tube


Plus at the end, not officially part of the course, there was a rope climb. I must’ve tried 27 times to get to the top of that thing! Grr.


It was a pretty easy course and I wouldn’t have minded being a bit more physically challenged. My favorite part was the HOTTIE that caught me when I slid down the fireman’s pole. (Insert your favorite double entendre here)

dg muddy

My gal pals are the BEST though and we just laughed throughout the whole thing. And I got more bling to add to my collection. 🙂 Next time, Spartan?


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