Team 9 Run Run: Ultra Ragnarians


This post is long overdue, but I (with the ran an ULTRA Ragnar.  We did the Ragnar SoCal from Huntington Beach to San Diego. The 6 of us ran a total of 190 miles broken up into 6 legs each. It was crazy! But so fun and amazing.

My sister was the captain and put together our team. Her, 4 of her coworkers; Rebekah, Teresa, Andrea and Marcella, and me. (I’ve known Andrea and Marcella for a while now.) We’re all 911 dispatchers and my teammate came up with the team name “Team 9 Run Run.” We all fell in love with it! Rebekah’s and Teresa’s husbands were the drivers and our team was set!


We all met at 4am on Friday and drove to the start line. I was really happy to be runner 2. Runner 1, Rebekah was the strongest and fastest runner and started us off with a short leg, around 3 miles. It wouldn’t have taken her more than 25 mins. So dropped her off and jetted over to exchange 2 and I got ready. My first leg was 4.5 miles and I was SO nervous. But once I took off, it became like a normal run and I got into my groove.

I would run, get back into the van, change clothes, eat something, try and rest, then get ready to run again! Since we were an ultra team, we didn’t have that long between runs. Somewhere between 3-5 hours. Which sounds not too bad, but especially at night, felt NOT that long. I think I got a total of 2.5 hours, which was longer than a couple of my teammates so I can’t complain! I remember I was woken up once because it was my turn again to run. It was like 2 in the morning and I just kept saying, “I just ran!”




Some of my later legs were my favorite. Sometimes you’re running through neighborhoods, or along business complexes but at the end we were more towards the beach. But then someone went and put STAIRS in the middle of one of my legs.


My teammates were just incredible and they 100% made the experience for me. They are sweet, hilarious, solid gals and I am beyond thankful they were with me on this crazy crazy experience.


We started doing the math and were worried we weren’t going to finish on time, so we contacted the Ragnar people and they advised we “leapfrog.” Skip a leg and double up on another. So I ended up skipping my last leg (due to be 2.9 miles) and went with Runner 4, Andrea, and did 5.2. My sis skipped her last and went with Runner 6, Marcella for the VERY last leg into Coronado. We made sure me we got the 190 miles in!

The VERY last mile of my whole weekend!

At the end we met up with Marcella and my sister, Laurel, and all ran in the last 100 ft or so together. And then we partay-ed it up!



The whole experience was a friggin’ blast! I loved  my team. The husbands, Mark and Kiley, were absolutely incredible guys. So hilarious and supportive and it wouldn’t have been the same without them! We are already talking about doing it again next year and they want to be runners next time! I could not be more proud of those 7 people that lived in that van with me for 36  hours.

I have NO recollection of this picture being taken! Lol

After it was all over, a friend asked me if I would ever do a Ragnar again. I would consider doing a regular ragnar with 12 members but ultra? Only if Laurel, Marcella, Andrea, Teresa, Rebekah, Kiley and Mark were my teammates! Then 100% absolutely.


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