First run after being sick

So so often I’ll have an idea to post something up on this thing and stop myself because I don’t have the time to make my writing sophisticated and polished. And then I never end up writing anything. So I’m no longer going to try! I’m just going to write and that may end up in me rambling and making grammatical errors and who knows what else! For instance:


I finally got in a run today! My half marathon training has NOT been going according to plan and this week has been worst of all. I left church a bit early on Sunday afternoon and went straight to bed and basically did not get out of bed until the next Sunday morning! I had a low grade fever all week and the worst cold of my life. Let’s just say that no exercise was done at all this week.


I’m not 100% but I did feel well enough to get out for a run before work today. My half is in SIX days and I haven’t even ran at all in almost 2 weeks. I only did 5 miles and I did them very slow but at least I got my legs moving again. It was warm today too! I think it was about 75 deg but I was sweating for sure. I’m not looking forward to those Arizona summers!


I do not feel ready for this half at all! At this point, I’m not looking to PR or anything, I just want to finish the dang thing. Hopefully, I feel well on Saturday!!

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