What I ate

So part 2 of the whole meal prep topic, I thought I’d share with you guys what I typically eat in a day. Now, this is all based of my needs (my macros) and I am, in no means, telling you this is what you should be eating!

Also guys- I am not good at taking pictures of my food. I’m not one of those fancy pants food bloggers. I’m just proud I remembered to take a picture of everything!



Today was especially busy so I ate early to run out and get all my errands done. 1 whole egg, 1 egg white and 1/2 an Aidell’s chicken sausage. I should’ve had some veggies with this. sauteed spinach or fresh tomatoes. But oh well…

After breakfast  I ran to the gym. If I’m going hard at the gym, like I was today, I take a preworkout (Today was C4 blue raspberry flava) and amino acids during. (Went with Scivation Xtend in mango.) And lots of water!

Since I’m on the topic, workout was:

  • deadlifts 95lbs 5×5. Guys, I hate deadlifts…
  •  bench 65lbs x1 / 70 lbx x3/ 75lbs x 1.
  • Incline lat rows w/ 15lbs 2 x15
  • Lat press w/ 15 2×15
  • Back extensions 2 x 15
  • Hip thrusters 2 x 30 (working on them glutes!)
  • Sit ups 2 x25
  • BURNER: 5 rounds of 10 each: box jumps, push ups (with mod), wall balls and ball slams.

Post workout snack: 


I almost forgot to snap a pic! Ya’ll, I don’t know even know what this was but it was way better than it looks. I mixed 1 container of triple zero vanilla yogurt with PE Science snickerdoodle protein powder. It made sorta a paste. Next time I might try adding almond milk to make more of a pudding. But it was delicious and filling. 



I took the bacon I already cooked up and made a BLT. Except this is really a BST since I used spinach… Topped with whole wheat bread and 1 tbsp FF mayo. And baby carrots.

Impromptu snack: 


I planned on a banana. BUT when the pb you ordered comes in the mail you have to add it to your fruit. You have to. It’s a rule. It was SO SO good. Toffee Crunch nuts ‘n more high protein peanut butter. You are welcome!

2nd snack: 


More protein! Simple and easy. Packet of tuna and 5 water crackers eaten at my desk. Sorry for the smell coworkers!!



This is how I prepped and packed my meals on Monday. All thrown together in the same container.

4 oz pork tenderloin. 4 oz potatoes and roasted green beans. I love roasted veggies but I hate that you gotta add the oil… oh well. HEALTHY FATS. (I used avocado oil by the way.)


Not pictured were the 3 bites of chocolate cake I pretended I didn’t eat in the break room at work.


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