Pop Songs Playlist

Recently a few people have been asking my what I listen to at the gym and I’ve always loved reading other people’s playlists (like Muncher Cruncher’s!) so I thought I’d share my current one.

Guys, warning. When it’s my turn to put on music at my gym, the boys will groan. They think I got some weird taste. And I kinda do! 😉 I have a good time though. But to keep the peace, I put together a “pop playlist” they can’t get too mad at. LOL



So here’s what was blaring in my ears at this year’s Turkey Trot:

  • Don’t Fail Me Now – Melanie Amaro
  • No one’s Here to Sleep – Naughty boy ft. Bastille
  • Electric Love – Borns
  • Ex’s and Oh’s -Elle King
  • Roots – Imagine Dragons
  • Hide Away -Daya
  • She’s Kinda Hot – 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Hozier – Someone New
  • Stand By You – Rachel Platton
  • Hold Each Other – A Great Big World
  • When We Were Young – Adele



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