Turkey Trot 10K Recap

After I got off work at 6 am yesterday, I ran home to take a quick nap then dragged myself out of bed for the Turkey Trot.

I always have the same 2 goals going into a run:

  • I want to finish
  • I don’t want to finish last

This race, I also added:

  • I want to run the whole thing (no walk breaks)
  • I want to finish in under 1 hour

I slept in later than I should’ve (can you blame me?) and didn’t even get to the race till 2 minutes after the gun went off. Thank goodness it doesn’t start counting till you cross the start line!


I finished the race. I wasn’t last. I ran the whole thing.. but I was just under 2:30 minutes over my goal. So close! And I’m still working on that whole negative split thing…

neg split

Done. Sweat, gross, & tired.

trot face

After the race, I went home and when straight to bed. Then worked again last night. My coworkers and I all brought food for a Thanksgiving potluck. For a lot of us law enforcement folks, this dinner was the only Thanksgiving meal we had. Luckily there was a TON of food and it was a pretty decent day at work.


No counting macros today!! I’m eating an entire plate of stuffing. It’s my hands down favorite thanksgiving food!

After work instead of Black Friday shopping (shudder!) I’m going on a running date!! I’m excited but super nervous. I have no idea how fast this guy is or how I’m going to look super impressive and not sweat 😉 but it should be a lot of fun.

What’s your favorite food at Thanksgiving?

Do you do the whole Black Friday shopping?



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