Big news and a funny (actually not…) story

I started off my day yesterday getting my certification in my nutrition course. What what!


Then I raced off to the gym before work. Deadlifts and bench presses today. The gym was FILLED with boys and there I was benching right next to them. #girlswholift!!!

Guys, I want glutes! 6 rounds (because that’s all I had time for…) 10 curtsy squats, 10 barbell rows, max double unders in 1 min and 1 min rest. I whipped my arms with the speed rope. OUCH!


After the gym, I gave myself an hour to drive to my work building, shower, change and get cute for the day. It felt like plenty of time.  That is until my usual 10 minute commute to work turned into 35!! I had just enough time to park my car, change my clothes, stuff my lunch in the fridge and sit my sweaty behind down at my desk. Sweat-drenched hair and no make up. Super cute, Lindsay.

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