We’re in this together

So I’m warning you right now that my computer is all messed up and so I’ve finally broke down and am doing this all on my phone.

Guys, there is SO much on my mind. Too many things in fact. I’m am trying my darnedest to focus my thoughts.


I have worked very hard to get where I am. I lost 50 pounds. I shed literal blood sweat and tears in the gym. I sacrificed. I ate chicken and broccoli instead of a juicy cheeseburger and fries…and a milkshake!  I worked hard for a long time and I earned this. I cannot and will not deny that.


But I have fallen OFF the wagon. I’ve gained about 10 pounds, which isn’t a crazy high number but I do NOT want it to get any higher. I do not want to wake up and find myself back at 180 lbs.  My eating is chaotic and my workouts are sporadic.

I have so many dreams and goals (post to come soon!!) and I do not want to put them off any longer. It’s time to REFOCUS! I know I can do it because I HAVE done it. And I know you can do it because I have done it.  I keep telling myself:

It’s not easy. But it’s easier than you think. 

Does that make sense? I will have to get back on the grind. Sacrifice and sweat. But it won’t kill me. All of this is possible!

So if you are struggling, if you are slacking off, if you are scared to start or scared to fail- YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

we are in this together!!

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