Not too long ago, I was weight lifting with my trainer buddy and I was struggling through a set of bench presses, pressing a weight I had been stuck at for weeks and I was super frustrated that it was still so hard.

Al stopped me and (like so many times before) said something I really needed to hear: It’s SUPPOSED to be hard. He asked, “what’s going to happen when you press this weight and it starts to feel light? You’re going to add more weight. And it’s going to be hard all over again.” Weights shouldn’t feel light. It should push you. It should challenge you. As soon as it’s easy, make it harder!

If your workout isn't challenging you, then it isn't changing you.:

I don’t know about you, but I get so down on myself when a workout is “too” hard. When I can’t bench a clean 5 sets of 5 reps. Or when I can’t run my whole 5 or whatever miles without taking a walking break. Or when I have to move to my knees to finish my push ups11

To add to Al’s pep talk, I was speaking to another boot camp instructor the other day about my marathon and he asked about my pace.Now, I have always been slow and, although I’m faster than I once was, I am still SLOW. He straight up told me, “it’s because that pace is comfortable for you.” He reminded me I need to get UNCOMFORTABLE when I run, pushing myself to be faster/ stronger.

Get uncomfortable. Let that help you get better!

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