Why I Love Running

First of all, SHOUT OUT to the very best big sister in the world. She finished her first marathon (the Long Beach marathon) yesterday!! Alright big bros, better step it up. Your sisters are (literally) lapping you! 🙂

dland half

[Big sis cheering a friend and me on at the Disneyland half]

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked. “Why do you like running?”

Every time, I wish I had a more inspiring or thought provoking answer. But it’s usually something dumb like, “I think it’s fun.” Do I even think it’s fun? It’s HARD. Especially when I’m marathon training, or when it’s mile 24 and 100 degrees and every muscle is sore and all I want is to sit down… that’s not “fun.” Right?

I do like to go somewhere (safe!) and close my eyes and run and it sort of makes me feel like I’m flying. Actually it’s BETTER than flying cause flying is scary and I hate it. There are many reasons I like to run. It’s therapeutic. It’s my quiet time to think and get aggression or sadness out. Endorphins yada yada…

But what I LOVE about running is the camaraderie. Runners are SO supportive of other runners.

Runners wave when passing each other. Runners will say good job when lapping a struggler (like me!) Every runner wants every other person on the course to finish. Yes, marathons (and halfs and 10ks and 5ks) are “races” but 99% of us know we aren’t going to win. The goal is usually to finish and to “PR” (personal record.) All we want is to best our former selves. And for YOU to PR. There’s an instant support/ connection/ friendship between runners that always always makes me so happy to be a part of.


[Found this along a trail out on a run one day. See what I mean?]

(I don’t want to say that others sports aren’t this way. I’m just saying running is way better. wink)

I always get so excited when someone I know takes up running. I am so happy and so proud of my sister. I LOVE when my friends text me and report that they just went for a run. I am beyond excited that the man in my life wants to start running and even just agreed to do a 5k with me!!

So now I’m asking you. Why do you love running?

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