St. George Marathon 2015 Recap

Where do I even begin?

Saturday morning, after months and months of training, it was finally marathon day! I woke up at 3:30 am and got ready, ate breakfast of pb toast and a banana and then headed off to the buses. I’ve decided that I don’t like races that involve taking buses to the start line! I loaded the bus around 4:45 but the race didn’t start till 6:45! There’s a LOT of waiting around at the start in Central, UT, which by the way, was freezing. It always kind of reminds me of an urban/ transient camp.


FINALLY, it was time to start. I started off strong. The course is down in elevation but there are quite a few hills, including the Veyo hill which is a butt buster! I walked up about 1.5 miles of that hill (yes, it’s MILES long.)


I picked up the pace and ran till mile 13. Then everything went downhill. My stomach started killing me! I was so nauseated, I thought I was going to puke. The thought of eating any of the gu or shot blocks I brought only made it worse, so I didn’t take anything after about mile 10.

view 4

I essentially walked the entire last half of the marathon. My feet hurt, my hips hurt, my stomach was churning churning churning. I would watch the vans driving by and honestly think about getting into them and quitting the race. I was in pain! But I did not quit. I just kept on walking.


I made it to mile 25 and was able to start running again. I couldn’t run the entire last 1.2 miles but I was able to run across the finish line!

run finsih

I only finished 6 minutes earlier than my last marathon. I know my training wasn’t as great as it could have been. I went easy on myself during my training runs, ate way more junk than I should have and let personal things get in the way. But I didn’t give up! And I didn’t throw up on the course so there’s that.


The aftermath:

LOTS of blisters:

feet blisters

A bad sunburn:


And now I get a couple weeks rest! Next on the books: Halloween 5K

Next marathon? Not for a while (if ever!) but 1/2 marathon scheduled at the end of February. Halfs are my fav distance. It’s decided!

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